The Worst Things Hotel Workers Found In A Guest’s Room

July 10, 2019

Have you ever sat on your hotel bed and wondered about all the guests who were there before you? Maybe they were world travelers. Maybe it was a family coming into town for a reunion. Or maybe you’re actually in a gross hotel room that staff had to clean up before your arrival.

It’s easy to think happy thoughts when you’re in a spacious and welcoming hotel room, but unfortunately, even the most luxurious places have their fair share of creepy and gross hotel room stories. Even at the sketchiest of motels, it is sometimes the guests who are the most questionable part of the equation. We scoured this Reddit thread about the worst things hotel workers have found in a room after a guest’s stay, and let’s just say things got weird (and in some cases, dark) really quickly.

1. A Dead Body

Deaths in hotels seem to be all too common.

Can you imagine finding bodies to be a routine part of your job? We are feeling for these employees.

Of course, it’s typically kept on the down-low because it wouldn’t be good for the hotel’s business. User Lutzelien’s shared a story about finding a hotel guest who died of a heart attack and it’s (unfortunately) one of the lesser morbid tales shared on the thread.

2. Urine All Over The Place

So we can’t really blame the potty-training child for missing the toilet, but we’re seriously wondering where the rest of the family was when these failed bathroom attempts went down.

Behind the toilet? Under the sink?

And to top it off, hotel towels were used to clean up the mess. We’re assuming a lot of bleach was involved during the cleanup of this gross hotel room.

3. An Obnoxious Amount Of Caramel Popcorn

We know what you’re thinking: how bad could it be to find caramel popcorn in a hotel room?

For reasons we just can’t fathom, a group of hotel guests had what we’re assuming was a food fight with caramel popcorn and got it all over the room.

According to user slpofrsn, it was a nightmare to clean up. Picking caramel out of hotel carpeting? No thanks.

3. Bats, As In The Animal

Technically this wasn’t a story about what was found inside a gross hotel room, but what was found just outside of it in the hallway. According to user drewswaycool, a guest called the front desk to complain about what was assumed to be a little league baseball team getting a little crazy.

The guest wasn’t talking about baseball equipment.

There was an actual bat flying around the hallway. It was an honest mistake. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like anyone was hurt in the process of removing the bat.

4. A Perfectly Good Pizza, Wasted

We’re going to take a wild guess and say that these guests weren’t a fan of the pizza they received or the hotel room.

What else could motivate them to trash the room with an entire pizza?

The weirdest part of this gross hotel room story is the possibility that someone made pizza shoes and slid them all over the floor. Or the slice inside the lampshade might be the most bizarre aspect. Really, this whole story is just strange.

5. A Bear

Talk about having an unexpected guest. One user shared the tale of how they found a bear in a guest’s room.

According to the user, the hotel guest left food uncovered and the balcony door open, which attracted a bear to the room.

We can only imagine the aftermath of that one. Thankfully, the employee knew to call in the experts to help safely remove the uninvited guest.

6. A Hot Tub Filled With Lime Jell-O


We like Jell-O, and we like jacuzzi tubs, but Jell-O and jacuzzi tubs together? That sounds like a recipe for disaster, and according to user imminent_riot, it really is.

For whatever reason, a hotel guest wanted to soak in Jell-O water, which unsurprisingly turned out to be a terrible idea.

The hotel workers had to get the tub professionally cleaned since the Jell-O got into the tub jets.

7. The Aftermath Of A Really Bad Stomach Flu

The stomach flu can be a nasty thing to deal with — not just for the person who’s sick, but also the person who might have to clean up after.

An unlucky hotel worker came across a crime scene of a bathroom after a child had the stomach flu.

To add insult to injury, the hotel guests only left the hotel worker a $2 tip for the troubles. This type of cleanup deserves a much, much larger tip — especially since they had to remove the vomit from the ceiling.

8. Broccoli

We can’t tell if this hotel guest really liked or really hated broccoli.

Either way, they left the vegetable all over a room for hotel staff to find.

According to user motherofxmen, broccoli was found in the bed, bathroom, drawers, and all over the carpets. You know, just normal, gross hotel room things.

9. A Poor Dog’s Poop

There are plenty of dog-friendly hotels. Some hotels even have specific floors reserved for them.

But one family didn’t get the memo.

According to user blackbellamy, a hotel worker walked into a room to find (and smell) dog poop on the air conditioner vents after hotel guests denied room service for a few days. We’re not sure what the logic here is, but a simple solution would’ve been to take the poor dog out for a walk instead.

10. The Remnants Of A Really Weird Photoshoot

After an unruly a hotel guest got kicked out of his room, the hotel staff went to investigate to see if there were any damages to the room. What they discovered was incredibly strange.

Upon entering the room, they found a red carpet, red curtains, and a giant Bachelor logo set up for what seemed to be a photoshoot.

According to user delon123, the hotel guest was charged a hefty cleaning fee. They googled the guest in question and discovered a handful of poorly photoshopped images of the guest with celebrities. Remember friends, the internet is forever.

11. A Room Full Of Feathers

So this one isn’t awful, but this guest sounds like an odd bird. And don’t worry — we don’t believe any animals were harmed in this hotel story.

User thrillapino wrote that a room they had to clean was covered in colorful crafting feathers.

There were so many feathers that they couldn’t see the floor. It could be worse, but this is nothing short of strange.

12. Too Much Vaseline

Imagine walking into a room and being so shocked by what you saw that you quit your job. Well, it happened, according to one Reddit user.

User mestupsh0w0ff wrote that a cleaning lady was going about her business when she found a room completely coated in Vaseline and empty jars all over the place.

The front desk had to call backup and have a professional cleaning service come in to fix the gross hotel room.

13. So. Much. Glitter.

Ah, glitter. It’s a double-edged sword. It’s a cute way to add a little something extra when you’re crafting, but use too much and it’s a pain to clean up.

One hotel worker learned the hard way when they found a hotel room covered in glitter.

There was so much that the hotel enlisted a $400 glitter fee.

14. A Box Of Cremains

Hotel guests accidentally leave their belongings in rooms all the time, but to leave behind the ashes of a cremated human body? That’s something else.

According to user mstarrbrannigan, no one ever came to pick up the box of cremains.

It ended up sitting in the hotel’s lost and found for months. Hopefully the cremains were handled accordingly.

15. A Really Crappy Situation

Clogged toilets happen, but in hotels, it can cause problems for more than one person. In this case, a hotel worker got the crap-end of the stick when it was their duty to clean up the mess of the clogged and overflowing toilet.

The clog was so bad, the guest had to be moved to another room.

That’s what we call decent customer service.

16. A Fried Fish Disaster

According to user katseassavvas, a few guests cooked up a terrible scheme after not being able to get adjacent rooms in the hotel.

To retaliate, the guests fried up fish in the hotel rooms and smeared the leftover oil all over the kitchen walls.

Yuck. This might be the new definition of petty.