This Grieving Mom Just Received A Letter From Her Daughter…Who Disappeared 5 Years Ago

August 02, 2018

There’s no closer bond than the bond between a mother and her child. While disagreements happen, and perhaps personalities might clash, there’s never a moment when a mom doesn’t think about her kids. That’s why this story is so heartbreaking. Five years after her daughter wrote a letter stating that she was running away from the family in April 2013, Pam Massimiani from Florida finally heard from her child.

Massimiani’s daughter, Emily, was only 14 when the original letter was penned. Emily packed a suitcase as well, containing items like her Xbox, but never tried to reconnect through her social media accounts. Her mother never gave up on her, frequently tagging her through Facebook to try to reconnect. As for the teen’s cell phone, it was only active three times since her disappearance.

Friends and family members have also circulated posters to try to reach Emily. The notice reads, “Emily was last seen at her mom’s house. She packed a suitcase with several outfits, wheeled it to the road and was picked up by an unidentified motorist. She left a note saying she was going to a safe place and might return after she turned 18.”

Many believe she may have been brainwashed by an older man. Based on the evidence, police recognize that Emily left without being forced.

Even though the case went public, Massimiani is pretty sure that the letter she recently received in the mail is legitimately from her daughter. She posted an update stating that Emily made contact, but has yet to reveal what the letter said.

Pam Myers Massimiani/Facebook

“There’s a lot of mixed emotions and a lot of feelings,” Massimiani said to the Panama City News Herald.

Hopefully this means that the two are able to reconnect. There’s probably nothing Massimiani would want more than to reunite with her daughter.