Your Favorite “Riverdale” Couples Were Turned Into Disney Characters — Our Hearts Can’t Take It

October 30, 2018

Even though the Disney universe includes a lot of princesses, it’s hard not to relate to most of the characters. Ever feel the need to just leave home and explore your own destiny, like Ariel? Or maybe you happened to fall for a totally unexpected suitor, like Belle. Even fictionalized characters likely share a resemblance with our animated favorites, which is why it’s so cool that someone imagined how the Riverdale characters would fit into the Disney universe. Let’s just say, worlds totally collide.

Riverdale, a drama based around the characters of Archie Comics, debuted back in 2017 on The CW and was an instant hit. Who knew fans were still all about the battle of Betty versus Veronica? The two actually form a friendship at the start of the series and face situations that the comic books might not have covered. Like… murder.

Having familiar characters played by familiar faces (like Cole Sprouse as Jughead) helped make the show even more buzzworthy. So it makes sense that sooner or later, they’d all get to see who their Disney equivalent would be. Artist André Manguba created stunning renditions that he shared on Instagram, much to the delight of pop culture fanatics. Here are some of the best.

Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel as Jughead and Betty Cooper:

Fans of Tangled will appreciate seeing Betty and Jughead as these iconic characters.

Cheryl and Toni become Ariel and Moana:

It’s almost a perfect match. When you watch the show, it’ll be hard not to picture Cheryl Blossom as a singing mermaid.

Archie and Veronica as Hercules and Megara:

Playing Archie is big enough, but Archie as Hercules must be an even more magical experience for actor KJ Apa.

F.P. and Alice morphed into Beauty and the Beast:

Skeet Ulrich and Mädchen Amick both made sure to like these gorgeous renditions of their characters from Beauty and the Beast.

Manguba’s work is so incredible that he had the chance to chat with Teen Vogue about his artistic inspiration. “I’m clearly obsessed with Riverdale and I loved Disney growing up,” Manguba admitted. “It felt like mashing up these two concepts together would produce something magical.”

And well, it did. At the age of 19, he’s already well on his way to a full-fledged career. Hey Disney, you might want to act fast and hire this guy for your animation department.