Usually, when a mugshot is in the mix, things aren’t looking good. Literally. Some mugshots include tears, blurry eyes, or perhaps a look of confusion wondering where it all went wrong. But sometimes, mugshots lead to unexpected careers. Remember Prison Bae? Jeremy Meeks actually landed a modeling contract after his mugshot was revealed. Even though he was a felon, scouts noticed how quickly his picture — featuring his startling baby-blue eyes — went viral. Well, now it might be time for Marshala Perkins to shine. The former Texas A&M University student was arrested for marijuana possession, but people can’t get over her incredible makeup skills.

Perkins was caught at a license and registration check in February. While both her license and registration checked out, the officer smelled marijuana, so he chose to search her car. And bingo — he found two grams of marijuana.

After that, Perkins was booked, and a mugshot was taken and later posted on Facebook. According to Yahoo, she lied whenever someone asked if the mugshot was her’s, as she was a little embarrassed about the incident. She likely assumed everything was swept under the rug until her mugshot resurfaced once again.

She was featured on MugshotBaes, an account which posts attractive mugshots. And once again, people couldn’t stop commenting.

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You have to admit, that eyeshadow is flawless. Yahoo states that prior to her arrest, Perkins was doing a makeup tutorial on Facebook Live, which explains why it’s so fresh.

The comments were pretty much all positive.

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Perkins only had to spend the night in jail. But according to Buzzfeed, she still has to pay court fees.

Since her arrest, she’s posted some pretty incredible looks on Instagram. This girl is naturally gifted.

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She’s going places, for sure. Hopefully, she’ll keep the tutorials going. And if she isn’t already, she should consider becoming a professional makeup artist.


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