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There are so many great ways to squeeze in a workout these days. From lunchtime Pilates class to an evening spin session, getting healthy has never been easier, until now. Outdoor “gyms” are popping up all over in public parks and we just love the idea of a free workout in the fresh air! The “urban gym” usually consists of rather simple equipment like pull-up bars, monkey bars, climbing poles, parallel bars and rings but these pieces really pack a punch when it comes to toning that bod.


Muscle Beach, in Santa Monica, California, was one of the very first outdoor exercise parks and is known as the birthplace to the physical fitness boom in the United States. Started in 1934, the original site had weight lifting equipment and hosted gymnastic exhibitions. Many famous bodybuilders at the time could be found here working out and living by the beach. This location and a second location in Venice, California, are still open today. There are even bleachers to sit on if you would rather just enjoy the view.


Here we have the pieces that will have you ready to hit the great outdoors and get your workout on. Slather on your sunscreen and let’s go!







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