What’s more annoying than wearing a bra? The correct answer is wearing a lumpy bra. Since I don’t fill my bra cups with ease, my barely B-cup-sized boobs always need padding, and lately, my padding has been super lumpy. To fix this problem ASAP, I started buying more expensive bras. I thought maybe better quality padding would help with the lumps. But nah, that didn’t work at all. I then started hand-washing my bras and avoiding the dryer, hoping that would help. Still had lumps the next day. What gives?


After trying everything I could think of, I decided to blame the retailer and went to seek answers at Victoria’s Secret. Before I could even finish my testimony of the lumpy bras, I caught the sales representative looking at my third boob. She let me finish, then proceeded to tell me that their manufacturing was not the reason for my lumps — the lumps were due to how I stored my bras in my drawer. She took me back to the fitting room and sat me down for a much-needed Bra Storing 101.

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Mistake: Bras should not be folded in half in your drawer.


When shopping for bras at Victoria’s Secret, they are either lined together in a drawer or hanging by both straps. This is not for decor. This is to exemplify the proper way that all bras should be stored, in order to keep your padding in perfect form. I admitted to either folding my bras in half in my drawer or leaving them hanging by one strap from my bathroom door. However, this is the reason why my bras were constantly losing their shape. The Victoria’s Secret rep stated, “Bras are made to support us, but we need to support them too.” Amen, lady. I guess I owe my bras an apology.

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Well, what about space?

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I fold my bras in half due to lack of storage space. Underwear space is especially hard to find in my drawers and closets. However, I found an easy fix. I purchased the cutest drawer organizer that makes extra room for bras to be stored properly, and it helped me organize my entire underwear drawer.

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If you like your bras hanging, but don’t have enough hangers or space to hang them properly, I have a suggestion for you, too. Amazon sells bra hangers for under $15, and they allow both straps to hang and not take up all of your closet space.

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Good riddance, lumpy bra syndrome. I’ve been storing my bras properly for the past two weeks and so far, everything is good. No more constant correcting and smoothing throughout the day. I even noticed that I get dressed quicker and no longer have to hear my friends complain about my tardiness. Take care of your bras, ladies. Happy bra = happy life.


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