It’s that time of year again — boot season! Yes, it’s also about the holidays, comfort food, and cold weather — but all we can think about is a pair of boots that will make us feel more confident than ever. Fortunately, we have the stars looking out for us on this front. We can ask: What zodiac boots should we buy this season, according to our zodiac sign?

Zodiac signs, which are based around the time we were born, can tell us a lot about ourselves. They are perfect for introspection, for those times in our lives when we need to look inward and learn more about why we are the way we are. Though this is some pretty serious stuff, we can also use our zodiac signs to answer life’s more fun questions. What hair color should we try next time we’re at the salon? What sweater should we wear in the midst of cold weather?

Now, we’re dying to know about our next shoe purchase.

Alien-Green Platform Boots

[image_with_caption text=”Dolls Kill” image=””]

Sign: Aquarius

If anyone were to wear boots that look like they were designed on another planet, it’s you, Aquarius. Because you are seriously out of this world — in more ways than one.

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Futuristic Boots

[image_with_caption text=”iRi” image=””]

Sign: Pisces

With an imagination that is constantly innovating and thinking ahead, your boots would have to be straight from the future. Others might not understand where your style comes from, but your many friends will love you just the same.

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Fiery Hiker Boots

[image_with_caption text=”Free People” image=””]

Sign: Aries

You aren’t one to be slowed down by impractical fashion. Heels that make it uncomfortable to walk around? No thank you. That’s why we can picture you in a functional shoe with a bit of red (to highlight the fire inside your soul).

Click here to buy the Free People Danner Jag Hiker Boot.

Red Sock Boots

[image_with_caption text=”Nordstrom” image=””]

Sign: Taurus

There is no way you’d go for a cheap pair of boots that would break in a second. You instead want a quality shoe that is both trendy and timeless. So why not go with a red sock boot that will take your wardrobe up a notch?

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Cowboy Boots

[image_with_caption text=”Free People” image=””]

Sign: Gemini

As an adaptable zodiac sign who doesn’t shy away from risky trends, we could easily see you rocking a pair of cowboy boots — especially when they’re given a modern makeover.

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Faux Shearling Boots

[image_with_caption text=”TOMS” image=””]

Sign: Cancer

Cozy is the name of the game when it comes to anything that makes a Cancer feel most like themselves. That’s why we went with these faux shearling-lined boots that will make your feet feel warm no matter the time of year.

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Over-The-Knee Gold Boots

[image_with_caption text=”Fashion Nova” image=””]

Sign: Leo

When you walk into a room, these boots will instantly capture everyone’s attention. Though, you probably don’t need the boots to do that, Leo. You have the type of charismatic personality that will stop people in their tracks.

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Classic Ugg Boots

[image_with_caption text=”Ugg” image=””]

Sign: Virgo

Some people may say that Uggs are #basic, and you’d agree — because they’re a basic necessity. They’re warm and perfect for tucking in a pair of skinny jeans, so who wouldn’t want to have a pair on hand (or shall we say, foot?) at all times?

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Pink Chelsea Boots

[image_with_caption text=”& Other Stories” image=””]

Sign: Libra

A little bit romantic, a little bit cautious. These boots are a surefire win for any Libra who doesn’t want to rock the boat with what they’re wearing. These boots are seriously stylish no matter what.

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Black Combat Boots

[image_with_caption text=”ASOS” image=””]

Sign: Scorpio

No ordinary boot would suit a Scorpio who can handle the tougher and darker side of life. Honestly, we couldn’t picture you in anything other than a combat boot that simultaneously makes you look like you’re about to beat someone up.

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Weather-Ready Conquest Boots

[image_with_caption text=”Sorel” image=””]

Sign: Sagittarius

Everything in your closet needs to be ready for an adventure. Your independent, wanderlust-loving spirit wouldn’t stand for anything less, after all. That’s exactly why we could easily picture you in a pair of boots fit for an explorer.

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Simple Utility Boots

[image_with_caption text=”Timberland” image=””]

Sign: Capricorn

These boots are all about practicality and reliability. They seriously won’t let you down and are a classic choice amongst those who want a sturdy, long-lasting boot. However, we did go with a bit of a heel — just to spice things up a bit.

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