Ariana Grande is giving us whiplash with her hairstyles lately, and we honestly love it. On July 18th, Grande took to Instagram to debut her latest hair transformation. She’s now sporting pastel lavender locks and good god (is a woman), it looks amazing on her.


Grande toyed with pastels in her most recent music video for her single, “God Is A Woman.” Inspired by the purples, whites, and blues of the galaxy, Grande incorporated those colors into the video’s set and costuming (or lack thereof — she donned pastel body paint, courtesy of artist Alexa Meade).

But after the shoot wrapped, Grande clearly wasn’t ready to say goodbye to those pastel hues just yet. Freelance hairstylist behind her painted “God Is A Woman” locks, Josh Liu, helped Grande make a more permanent shift into pastels. He instagrammed the look, captioning it “Lavender dreams.”

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When we say we have Grande hairstyle whiplash, it’s because just days before her purple transformation, Grande went silver/cotton candy-blue for a Reebok campaign. And before that, she was seemingly back to her natural brown after trying platinum blonde on for size in April.

Even though we’re having a hard time catching our breath between dye jobs, we must admit that Grande is absolutely slaying the hair game lately.

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Of course, now that Ariana Grande has pastel lavender hair, we want pastel lavender hair.

Pastel hair colors have been trendy for a few years now, but we’re not nearly over them yet. Just scrolling through the #pastelhair tag on Instagram is giving us serious unicorn/fairy/magical hair envy.

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Lavender certainly suits the candy-sweet pop goddess, but we know it won’t last for long. So let’s savor this new Grande ‘do before she’s onto the next — although, we’re pretty excited to see whatever that next color is.


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