Another day, another instance of celebrity mom-shaming. And this time, the Kardashian-Jenners aren’t the victims. Instead, fashion designer and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is getting slammed by Instagram fans because of how many tattoos her son Brooklyn has — despite the fact that he’s 19 years old (nearly an adult). Yes, seriously.


Last week, Victoria logged onto her Instagram to share a sweet snapshot of her and Brooklyn hanging out in the car. Victoria is showing off a great manicure and some beautiful gold jewelry while Brooklyn is shirtless, sitting in the driver’s seat. Victoria captioned the photo, “Contemplating how to rate today’s Uber driver 🤔 #whynoshirt.”

What’s surprising isn’t that the two are hanging out — Brooklyn is extremely close with both of his parents and often accompanies them to events — it’s the comments below the photo. Some users remarked on how awesome it is that Victoria and Brooklyn have such a great relationship, while others chose to go the negative route and comment on Brooklyn’s tattoos.

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According to Stylecaster, some of the comments were people simply attacking Brooklyn for his choice of ink. Others just felt like the tats were distasteful.


“Don’t have too many tattoos Brooklyn you’re stuck with em when they’re no longer fashionable 🙄x”

“It is hard to critize your sons many tatoos, when [he] has so many !!”

“Brooklyn. You. Shouldn’t. Have tatoos. Keep yr sk8n healthy. Your dad’s look terrible.”

“BK’s tattoos are a patchwork of bad sketches, eh another ‘I’m so original’ millennial.”


Others put the blame on Victoria for allowing him to have the tattoos at all:


“Did you approve all those tattoos?”

“yeah, great choices from a ‘supposedly’ role model! Sad day for humanity!”

“The parenting of these kids seems so laisse fair [sic] but sometimes people should stop and think about whether they’re moving too fast.”

“As a mother, I would have NEVER posted a picture like this. Nothing to be proud of.”

Luckily, a lot of users came to Victoria and Brooklyn’s defense. Many fans pointed out that Brooklyn, a 19-year-old (you need to be at least 18 to get a tattoo in the U.K.), is fully capable of making his own choices about his own body. Others praised Victoria for the photo and for being a great mom, urging her to ignore the haters.

One user made a great point, saying, “Tattoos are a persons personal choice. They choose the piece and get inked. Fully understanding the piece is forever. A loving parent supports their children’s decisions. A great parent brings the child up in a nurturing environment. Providing support and guidance. Then as young adults the decisions they make provide happiness and in cases of tattoos, art they are proud of and display with confidence. Just the thoughts of a ‘Tattoo wearing and loving person.'”

So, the mom-shaming over this? Yeah, that needs to stop. As for Victoria and Beckham, we personally love the cute family photos!


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