Guys, we need help. We’ve been watching soap-cutting videos for hours and there’s no end in sight. We can’t explain this obsession of ours, but we’re obviously not alone in our newfound love of bar soap. For some unexplained reason, soap-cutting videos are blowing up the internet and we, along with millions of others, just can’t stop watching them.

You may have seen snippets of soap-cutting videos on your Instagram Explore page — that’s where we were initially converted.


Searching “#soapcutting” will give you a whopping 131,000 soap-cutting posts to skim through. Or, you can go straight to the source. There are a growing number of Instagram accounts dedicated to the cause.

Instagram account @soapcuttingvideos seems to be the leader of the soap-cutting video charge with over 46,000 followers. Several of their videos have gone viral, with some even reaching over a half a million views. is also doing well with just over 22,ooo followers.

Both accounts post soap content daily and each post racks up some serious views.


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From what we could gather, the most popular soap-cutting videos on Instagram seem to be of the “cube” variety (that’s what we’re calling them at least). In these videos, a pre-scored bar of soap is sliced length-wise. This results in tiny cubes springing free from the bar.

The below 10-second “cube” video from was posted on August 14th. As of today, August 20th, the video has over 12,000 views. We can’t explain it, but these videos are just fascinating to watch.

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And this vid by @soapcuttingvideos is doing well with a little less than 700,000 views”

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But soap-cutting isn’t just relegated to Instagram. YouTube is where soap-cutting fiends go to get minutes upon minutes of soap-cutting goodness.


One video called “MOST SATISFYING SOAP CUBES VIDEO,” posted by the YouTube channel The Best Satisfying, has garnered over 4.9 million views since its June 19th upload.

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It shows 10 whole minutes of the cream of the crop soap-cutting videos roaming around the internet.

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When you’re done with that video, we recommend you head over to 10-Minute Amazing Life’s “ASMR 1 Hour Soap Carving For Sleep of You ! Relaxing Sounds ! ( no talking ) Satisfying ASMR.” Sure, it’s a long and confusing title. But we’re here for ~one hour~ of soap-cutting — not the words.

[fm_youtube url=””]

We really can’t explain the phenomenon that is soap-cutting. But we can say that we’re oddly on board. Let the satisfying soap-cutting footage roll.

(And hint hint: We have our own soap video!)


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