We’ve all fallen victim to the dreaded wardrobe malfunction. Skirts have been swept up in the wind. Buttons have popped. And yes, even Meghan Markle has flashed a bit of her bra by mistake. Markle had a bra faux pas of sorts at family friend Charlie van Straubenzee’s August 4th wedding, and of course, the internet went into a tizzy. The duchess wears a bra? The scandal!

Markle, who celebrated her 37th birthday that same day, arrived to the event hand-in-hand with husband Prince Harry. As always, the two looked dapper in matching ensembles. Markle wore a blue, black, and white sold-out Club Monaco dress while Harry sported his princely morning suit.

Let us remind you that, although Markle rose through the ranks from “commoner” to duchess, she is still human — and we’ll be the first to tell you that humans are not perfect creatures. But perhaps the internet forgot that fact because when Markle’s dress rippled in a way that showed off some of the lace detailing of her bra, she received instant backlash from those who expected better from her.

Guys, chill. It’s just a bra. It could even be a slip she’s wearing under the dress!


Some people even thought that Markle intentionally showed off her bra in an effort to grab attention away from the bride and groom. We’re guffawing at the notion.

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Honestly, the judgement was too real. Since the dress is currently sold out online, we can’t read the description, but maybe the lace we’re seeing is just part of the dress? It’s currently unclear, but that hasn’t stopped the assumptions we’re seeing online.

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But many people came to Markle’s defense because, come on. There are so many more important things to squabble about on the internet, and yet…

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Keep doing your thing, Meghan Markle. If people are really that offended by the hemline of a bra, that’s on them.


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