On Wednesday, August 8th, actress Emmy Rossum took to Instagram to ask her followers if they want to know what she weighs. It’s a seemingly odd question — no one really wants to reveal that number on the scale (it’s personal and is nobody’s business). But Rossum and women everywhere are revealing what they weigh, and their “weight” has nothing to do with pounds.


“Click on my stories. @i_weigh BECAUSE YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN A NUMBER,” Rossum captioned her Instagram post that simply read, “Want to know what I weigh?”

Rossum then uploaded another text post to her Instagram story in which she wrote, “During my life the scale has told me that I’ve gained and lost and gained and lost. Somewhere in the range of 20 pounds. But that piece of metal doesn’t really know. Here’s what I ACTUALLY WEIGH.”

The next Instagram story post was a selfie on which Rossum had written multiple personal traits that have weight to her. “Animal rescuer,” “Jewish and proud,” “Daughter,” and “One happy marriage,” were just a few of the many achievements that make up the person who is Emmy Rossum.

She then added text over her achievements that read, “See, when you add up everything you are?? The size of your thighs [doesn’t] really matter anymore [does it]?!”

[fm_instagram url=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BmOrWU9jfKS/?taken-by=emmy”]

[fm_instagram url=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BmPU7Qcg_sd/?taken-by=i_weigh”]

Rossum tagged the Instagram account @i_weigh in her Instagram post and story. The I Weight movement was started by The Good Place star Jameela Jamil in an effort to make women (and men) “feel valuable and see how amazing we are, and look beyond the flesh on our bones.”

Jamil has been reposting women’s I Weigh selfies since March 2018. And if this isn’t one of the best self-love movements out there, we don’t know what is.

[fm_instagram url=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BgXuPUiFv3P/?taken-by=i_weigh”]

[fm_instagram url=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BgZ72nqDbPQ/?taken-by=i_weigh”]

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[fm_instagram url=”https://www.instagram.com/p/Bhecaziny5n/?taken-by=i_weigh”]

After posting her own I Weigh selfie, Rossum nominated everyone who watched her story to post their version on Instagram and “tell us what you’re made of.”

“Because you’re so much more than what that dumb f—ing piece of metal says,” Rossum said.

We couldn’t agree more. Now that we’ve all been nominated, it’s time to give ourselves some love and see how much we truly weigh.


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