With such an impressive acting resume, there’s no way we thought we’d seen the last of Emma Roberts. The American Horror Story alum recently signed on to star in a new Netflix show called Spinning Out. Roberts will play Kat Baker, a figure skater with a big secret on the brink of being revealed. The 10-episode series sounds like it’s jam-packed with #drama, and honestly, no one plays a dramatic character quite like Emma Roberts.

According to Netflix per TV Line, the show introduces us to Roberts’ Kat, a former skater who recently suffered an injury that ended her competitive career. When an opportunity arises for Kat to compete as a pair skater with a “bad-boy partner,” she risks exposing a life-altering secret to gain back her competitive edge. She and her new partner must overcome “daunting odds” in an effort to realize their dreams of skating in the Olympics. This is checking off ~all~ the boxes for a great drama, in our opinion.

The series is headed by Samantha Stratton, best known for her writing credits on the chilling Mr. Mercedes, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. Stratton’s flair for suspense paired with Roberts’ experience working within the strange and unusual world of Ryan Murphy’s AHS leads us to believe that this will be the next thrilling drama everyone will be talking about.

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Although TV Line reports that the project has yet to secure Roberts’ “bad-boy” costar, one Emma Roberts fan page tweeted that Noah Centineo may be on board.

Yeah, the person spelled his name “Noah Centimeter,” but we like the sound of this pairing, so…!

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We cannot wait to see Roberts play yet another semi-twisted character consumed by a devastating secret. She just has a way of doing drama that keeps us wanting more.


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