If you’re anything like me, you devoured the latest installment of Netflix’s Bridgerton. Apart from the steamy romance, the best thing about it is the sets. If you want to imagine which castle would be yours (and learn how to do your own Bridgerton decor), what better way to do so than with zodiac signs?


How Star Signs Influence Home Styles

You’re probably wondering what astrology has to do with home decor. While it doesn’t have a direct impact, certain colors and designs can call out to specific signs.

For example, water signs (Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio) enjoy cool colors. However, preferred shades may differ. Gentle Cancer would probably prefer baby blue to aquamarine.

The same goes for the other signs. Practical earth signs like Capricorn may stray away from maximalist decor, while flashy Leo may be drawn to brocade.

Aries: Hampton Court Palace

Bridgerton characters Colin and Penelope facing each other in a ballroom
Credit: Netflix

You may not recognize the name of this one. That’s because it’s not a fictional Bridgerton house. It’s an IRL palace, where they filmed season three’s royal ball.

As the “child” of the zodiac, Aries loves to be entertained. They would have a grand old time dancing the night away at the Hampton Court Palace.

Plus, everything was decked out in rich reds and golds, which are perfect for fire signs. There are boxes for spectators too, all draped in velvet.

Go Baroque

baroque style room
Credit: Reddit

Hampton Court Palace, once the home of King Henry VIII, has lots of Baroque elements. If you want some direct inspiration, you can visit this Bridgerton filming location.

There’s multiple ways to introduce Baroque elements into your home decor. We suggest starting out with small decorations and working your way up.

For example, you can try using Baroque picture frames for wall art, or Baroque-style mirrors. Candelabras, like the ones on the palace walls, also work.

Taurus: Kent Estate

Mr. and Mrs. Mondrich in a bedroom at Kent Estate, from Netflix's Bridgerton
Credit: Netflix

The Kent Estate is another fairly new location. It made its debut in season three, after the Mondriches got their well-deserved, albeit surprising, upgrade.

Though huge and intimidating, like any Bridgerton estate to be, it’s also very homey. The library, with its tall windows and cozy reading nooks, is perfect for lounging.

Taurus would adore the Kent Estate. The wood furnishings ground the otherwise lavish interior, lending a natural touch that’s perfect for this stubborn earth sign.

Build a Home Library

home library
Credit: Reddit

The Kent Estate scenes were filmed at the Kingston Bagpuize house, which has a beautiful library with wood paneling. To mimic that, invest in some nice wooden bookshelves.

You could also put your efforts into a nice bookshelf, if you don’t have the space for a library. In this instance, focus your energies on Regency-esque knickknacks.

Either way, this’ll give you the perfect opportunity to put all of your Bridgerton books on display! What better way is there to unwind?

Gemini: Featherington Residence

Featherington Residence, from Netflix's Bridgerton
Credit: Netflix

Both the color and character of the Featherington residence mesh well with Gemini. After all, we can’t ignore that Lady Whistledown herself lived here.

Now, listen: I know that Gemini is seen as duplicitous. While Penelope fits the bill, she’s also clever, talented, and quick witted — all classic Gemini traits.

As for the design, Gemini could get lost in history of all the elaborate, detailed decorations. They’d have a field day exploring the place.

Decorate With Florals

room designed with bridgerton-inspired regency decor
Credit: @betterhomesandgardens/Instagram

If there’s anything the Featheringtons are known for, it’s florals. If you want to channel that energy in your own home decor, flowers are the way to go.

You don’t necessarily need to have a green thumb. Fake flowers can get a bad rep, but if you style them right, they don’t have to look tacky.

Try splurging on luxury fake flowers. Arrange them like you would an actual bouquet, before putting them in crystalline vases for your end tables.

Cancer: Bridgerton Residence

Bridgerton residence exterior
Credit: Netflix

No other Bridgerton house could fit the family-oriented Cancer more perfectly. Much like the Bridgertons, Cancer would want a home to shelter all of their loved ones.

The house’s exterior is meant to look warm and welcoming, covered with Japanese wisteria and lush greenery. The flowers’ gentle purple color screams Cancer.

The interior similarly matches Cancer’s vibe. The walls, furniture, and decor are all white or baby blue, gentle colors that caregiving Cancer would appreciate.

Buy a Lush Carpet

blue carpeted stairs from bridgerton set
Credit: @natalie_actually/Instagram

The Bridgerton residence is full of lovely carpets. Their drawing room is tied together by a baby blue and white rug, while their staircase is lined with blue carpeting.

For your own house, go for a more intricate design. During the Regency era, it was go big or go home. Nobody knew or cared about “minimalism.”

However, if you’re following the Bridgertons’ lead, don’t go too overboard. While their carpets have nice designs, they don’t overshadow the rest of the decor.

Leo: Clyvedon Castle

Castle Howard, where Bridgerton's Clyvedon Castle scenes were filmed
Credit: @House & Garden/YouTube

Clyvedon Castle is like the opposite of the Bridgertons’ London residence. It’s a huge mansion with a striking exterior and bold yellows and greens on the inside.

As the Duke and Duchess’s residence in season one, this boldness is only fitting. Honestly, if you hadn’t watched Bridgerton, you might think it belonged to royalty.

Of course Leo would love that. The canopy bed would be the icing on the cake (though, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a canopy?).

Get a Canopy Bed

dog laying on bed
Credit: Reddit

Can you imagine Leo, the shining star of the zodiac, accepting anything less than a canopied bed? Didn’t think so. If you don’t have one, get one.

Pretty much every bed in Bridgerton has a canopy. Castle Howard, where they filmed the Clyvedon Castle scenes in season one, is no exception.

Most of the Bridgerton canopies jut out of the wall and don’t cover the whole bed. If you want to be more show-accurate, try that out.

Virgo: Lady Danbury’s Residence

pink room in badminton estate
Credit: @badmintonestate/Instagram

If you watched season two, you’re definitely familiar with this one. Pink, pink, and more pink — that’s Lady Danbury’s mansion (filmed at the Badminton Estate) in a nutshell.

Don’t mistake the cheery color for gaudiness. Lady Danbury’s preferred shade of pink is quite subdued, which fits Virgo’s kind and practical personality to a T.

Virgo is also very particular. This estate’s matching colors and well-maintained front garden shows great attention to detail, which this star sign has in spades.

Put Up Pink Wallpaper

pale pink bedroom

If you want to copy Lady Danbury, you’ll need some pink. A pale, understated pink wallpaper can completely transform whichever room you’re decorating.

Delicate floral designs (like the ones above) can work well, but aren’t necessary. Since much of the Badminton Estate interior is pink and white, you should match those colors.

If you live in an apartment, don’t worry. Temporary, removable wallpaper is a great alternative, and is pretty easy to find, too.

Libra: Queen Charlotte’s Residence

A hall in the Queen's residence, from Netflix's Bridgerton
Credit: Netflix

If you’re not a Libra, try not to get jealous. There isn’t a zodiac sign that fits this Bridgerton estate more (besides maybe Leo).

Queen Charlotte’s residence is just as grand as you’d expect. High ceilings, fine art on the walls, chandeliers, intricately designed carpeting — you name it, she’s got it.

As a known lover of the finer things in life, Libra would accept no less. They’d instantly fall in love with all the gold.

Curate a Gallery Wall

gallery wall
Credit: Reddit

Let’s be honest — it’ll be hard to completely revamp your home. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect idea for you to give it that Bridgerton spark.

A gallery wall is a great start. Just like Queen Charlotte, you can display your favorite art. And no, you don’t have to be a Libra to try this!

As for the art itself, we suggest going to Goodwill to find old paintings. They’re usually already framed, so you won’t have to worry about that.

Scorpio: Livingston Estate

Bridgerton filming at Squerryes estate
Credit: @squerryes/Instagram

This beautiful estate debuted in Bridgerton season three, as the location for a garden party. Its association with flowers definitely doesn’t match with the dark, secretive Scorpio stereotype.

However, there’s more to Scorpio (and, frankly, garden parties) than meets the eye. As emotional water signs, they’re very caring, and fiercely protect their loved ones.

It makes sense that they’d take great care of a garden, too. Turns out that Scorpios have the green thumbs of the zodiac. Who knew?

Grow Your Own Garden

Credit: @fpconservatory/Instagram

These Bridgerton garden party scenes were filmed at the Squerryes Court in Westerham. While the manor house is impressive, its claim to fame is the land surrounding it.

You see, Squerryes doubles as a winery and takes pride in their vast gardens. If you want to mimic this set, go for the gardens.

To model it after Bridgerton, grow purple, orange, yellow, and red flowers, just like at the garden party. We know you have it in you, Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Lady Tilley Arnold’s Residence

Lady Tilley Arnold's residence in Bridgerton
Credit: @ntbasildonpark/Instagram

This is another Bridgerton estate completely decked out in red. So, it stands to reason that a fire sign would call this place home.

The gold and brown accents add to its appeal. While there’s lots of eye-catching decorations, like velvet drapes and marble statuettes, it’s not as over-the-top.

Sagittarius, while energetic, isn’t as showy as Leo. However, Lady Tilley’s romantic decor is still bold enough to make a statement, which Sagittarius can appreciate.

Install an Elaborate Chandelier

crystal chandelier
Credit: @blessed_eche_best_lighting_ven/Instagram

Basildon Park’s Octagon Room was used as Lady Tilley’s residence. Fun fact: its gardens were also used to film scenes outside of the Featherington house.

A key feature of the Octagon Room is the chandelier hanging overhead. Chandeliers (especially when they’re a little over-the-top) are a Regency staple.

Some people may think they’re outdated, but come on — a freethinking Sagittarius wouldn’t care. If you want one, go for it!

Capricorn: Cowper Residence

Cowper residence in Netflix's Bridgerton
Credit: Netflix

We only got to see this in season three, but it instantly made an impression. Its dark color scheme starkly contrasts with the other estates’ more outward opulence.

The dark green and wood interior makes it appear much more practical. However, a closer look at the undoubtedly expensive decor reveals that it’s no less lavish.

Capricorn would admire the restraint. This earth sign is a busybody who tends not to show off, though they do reward themselves every now and again.

Invest in Antiques

wooden fake fireplace
Credit: Reddit

If you want that Regency-era ambiance, ditch the “less is more” mindset. The more elaborate your decor, the better, especially if you can snatch up some antique mahogany furniture.

The Cowper residence, filmed at Pitzhanger Manor, is more understated in its decorations. It lets the dark wooden furniture do all the talking.

In the Cowpers’ drawing room, the bookcases, end tables, and fireplace stand out the most. Look for items like these for your living room. The more carvings, the better.

Aquarius: Hawkins Residence

exterior of grimsthorpe castle, a bridgerton filming location
Credit: @grimsthorpecastle/Instagram

First introduced in season three, this estate belongs to Lord Hawkins. You might remember him as the inventor who debuted his hot air balloon at his “Innovations Ball.”

His residence, filmed at Grimsthorpe Castle in the U.K., is a reflection of his eccentric personality. Each wing, for example, has its own theme, with corresponding decorations.

Aquarius is well-known as the zodiac eccentric. They’d love to explore this estate, or else fill their own castle with a variety of precious knickknacks.

Use Gold Accents

framed painting of flowers, golden frame and golden candles
Credit: @parrotandlily/Instagram

In terms of decor, there’s a lot going on at Grimsthorpe Castle. However, there’s one common thread that unites all of the rooms: gold accents.

Don’t worry: you don’t need actual gold. Gilded decor, like frames or candelabras, can work just as well, especially them you match it with gold-accented wallpaper.

Like most of the filming locations, Grimsthorpe Castle is available to visit. If you want to see where your favorite characters danced at the Innovation Ball, check it out!

Pisces: Aubrey Hall

Bridgerton characters Kate and Anthony in front of Aubrey Hall
Credit: Netflix

Aubrey Hall is the Bridgerton family’s home away from home. Heavily featured in season two, its exterior is decked out in dreamy plants and vines.

It’s pretty similar to their London home, though there’s one key difference. Since this estate is in the country, the family is a lot freer there.

Pisces is a known dreamer, spending more time in their heads than in reality. They’d love to escape to a country estate, surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Relax in a Chaise Lounge Chair

cat lounging on purple chaise lounge chair
Credit: Reddit

Pisces would fall in love with dreamy Regency furniture. And what better piece of furniture to daydream in than a chaise lounge chair?

Modern chaises don’t really have the same look as 19th century ones. You’ll have to buy it used if you want Bridgerton-esque decor.

If all else fails, you can always buy a miniature chaise lounge for your cat. At least someone in the household will be living like 19th century English nobility.