There’s nothing like a good conspiracy theory to get the cogs in your brain turning while you question everything you’ve ever known. When you’re constantly in the public eye, like the royal family is, chances are some questionable stories are going to emerge about you. We’ve compiled ten of the weirdest conspiracy theories surrounding the British royal family that will make you LOL, but will also pique your interest to deep-dive into the wild details.

Some theories about the royal family are more sad than bizarre.


For example, one massive and detrimental conspiracy surrounding the royals is that Princess Diana’s fatal car accident in 1997 was orchestrated by the monarchy. Several rumors claimed that Diana was either carrying boyfriend Dodi Fayed’s baby, or was planning to marry Fayed.

In order to save face and snuff out scandal, some believe the royals secretly assassinated Diana.


Yeesh — sorry to dampen the mood. For the most part, the rest of these royal conspiracy theories are lighthearted and pretty whacky. But hey, if you believe them, we’d love to hear you out. From vampires to cannibals to lizard aliens, we’ve got a lot of royal family conspiracies to unpack, so let’s dive in.

1. Kate Middle and Beyoncé are mortal enemies.

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The royal family had the audacity to announce Kate Middleton’s third pregnancy on Queen Beyoncé’s birthday last year.


Yeah, that’s right — Kate went there. According to Mashable, the two have been in an arms race, but with babies. Now that they both have three kids, we’re waiting with bated breath to see who will take the title of having the cutest family.

2. Prince Charles is a vampire.

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According to Prince Charles himself, he and Queen Elizabeth are descendants of the ruthless 15th century ruler, Vlad the Impaler.


It was Vlad’s gory legacy that inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula back in 1897. Sure, vampires supposedly aren’t real — but we haven’t seen the receipts. Just saying.

3. Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle is all part of a ploy to win back America.

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This theory was spawned from the single tweet above.


Just you wait, fellow Americans. We will soon be back under the monarchy’s thumb in a matter of time!

4. Actually, Meghan Markle isn’t real. She’s a robot.

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Apparently, people believe Markle is a robot after she and Prince Harry appeared in the audience of the Britain’s Got Talent finale episode.


The Duchess of Sussex reportedly showed no emotion during the clip. But it turns out that the royal appearance was staged. Two audience members were reportedly wearing masks of the royal couple to promote Madame Tussads’ new Live Figures exhibit. Likely story!

5. Queen Elizabeth is actually a man in disguise.

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Because it was seemingly unfathomable that Queen Elizabeth I was determined to remain the Virgin Queen, many of her cohorts believed her to be a man.


Later in history, Dracula author Bram Stoker uncovered the theory and published it in his book, Famous Imposters. Many believed the real Elizabeth I died in infancy and was replaced with a male imposter without the king’s knowing. How else could you explain her lack of “female weakness,” as her tutor wrote in 1550? Right?

6. Prince Albert Victor (Queen Victoria’s grandson) was actually Jack the Ripper.

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Some theorists claim that Prince Albert, also known as Prince Eddy, is responsible for Jack the Ripper’s London murder spree in the late 1880s.


According to an article published in The New York Times in 1970, a surgeon claimed to know the true identity of Jack the Ripper, speculating in one article that he was Prince Albert. Before he passed, the surgeon said the culprit was “a scion of a noble family.” After his passing, his family burned his evidence, leaving the Jack the Ripper mystery unsolved.

7. Queen Elizabeth II is actually a reptilian alien.

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Yeah, we know — from one extreme to another.


British conspiracy theorist David Icke promotes a theory stating that Queen Elizabeth II is actually one of many “shapeshifting, reptilian humanoid creatures” that are “bent on controlling and subjugating humanity through various insidious means, mostly through infiltrating high-level positions ranging from the government, to important corporations, to the entertainment industry.” Okay, we can get on board with this one.

8. Prince Harry isn’t Prince Charles’ son.

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After Princess Diana admitted to having an affair with her riding instructor, James Hewitt, while married to Prince Charles, speculation bubbled surrounding Harry’s paternity.


Cosmopolitan put together a side-by-side comparison of Hewitt and Harry and we can see a striking resemblance — the red hair, the smile. But Hewitt has denied he is Harry’s father and the red hair supposedly comes from the Spencer side of the family. And come on, Harry and Charles have the same eyes and nose, so…

9. Queen Elizabeth is a cannibal.

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Not only does she feast on human blood with her family of vampires, but according to one conspiracy theory, she also ingests entire humans. This is the only way some people can explain her vivacity at age 92.

10. The royals had connections to the Nazi party.

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The royal family gave King Edward VIII the cold shoulder after he abdicated the throne to marry the American socialite Wallis Simpson.


Many believe that the former king and his American lover had connections to the Nazi party. Reportedly, an FBI interview confirmed that Wallis had previously dated a Nazi Foreign Minister and was supposedly a close friend with a German spy. Plus, Edward was reportedly a great admirer of Hitler. Yikes.

Do you believe any of these royal family theories? If so, send us some compelling evidence and we might just take your side.


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