Sometimes, the best way to get over heartache is with laughter. At least, that’s how Pete Davidson is trying to heal from his breakup with Ariana Grande. After the two started dating, things moved fast. Like — extremely fast. They were engaged and living together in the blink of an eye. The speed is reportedly what caused Grande to slam the brakes on the relationship. As it’s never easy to face the public after making headlines for weeks, Davidson — a current Saturday Night Live cast member — thought humor would be the best Band-Aid for his broken heart.


Unfortunately, that didn’t fly with Grande. According to TMZ, they both made an agreement not to talk about their breakup in public. Davidson technically broke that promise after mentioning the breakup at a charity benefit called Judd & Pete for America. At the event, he addressed the matching tattoos he got with Grande, and the fact that a magazine reported 93 percent of readers felt the move was “stupid.” Davidson admitted the majority was correct.

But this time, a Saturday Night Live promo reportedly got the singer upset. Actor Jonah Hill and musician Maggie Rogers are set to perform this weekend. In one of the promos, Davidson asks Rogers if she’d like to get married. “No,” Rogers replies back. “0 for 3,” Davidson sighs.

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TMZ reports that Grande wasn’t too pleased. The site also reports that Davidson had a skit about the breakup in the works, but pulled the plug to respect her feelings.

Eagle-eye Grande fans saw that the singer had tweeted, “For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh. thank u. next,” before deleting it. It seems like at this point, Davidson isn’t planning for any sort of reconciliation.

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Here’s hoping these two will make peace. After all, it’s a little late for Grande to retitle her song “Pete Davidson.” Even a friendship is better than nothing.

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