It’s basically become a full-time job to keep up with Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s rapid-fire relationship. Within the span of two-ish months, the two called things off with their exes, started dating, got tattooed together, got engaged, and then moved in together. Phew! Let us catch our breath for a minute. Although the evidence has been all over the internet, we’ve been waiting for a confirmation from either party that the engagement is real. Finally, during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Davidson confirmed his engagement to Grande in the most Pete Davidson way possible.


“You didn’t have to get engaged to Ariana Grande to come on our show,” host Jimmy Fallon joked. “But I did, though,” Davidson said before giving a thumbs up. And when Fallon asked how Davidson is handling the entire situation, Davidson replied, “It’s f—ing lit, Jimmy. It’s so lit.”

He then added that he feels like he won a contest because other guys have been tipping their hats to him on the street. “I’m a lucky motherf—er,” Davidson said.


We’re so glad we finally have a clear answer, and a concise one at that. Check out his interview with Fallon (which is basically a big fanboy session about Robert Pattinson) below:

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Fallon later notices the neck tattoo Davidson recently got of Grande’s iconic Dangerous Woman pleather bunny mask. Davidson jokes, “I’m forever known as her plus one.”

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Now that we’re finally caught up with the duo taking the nation by storm, we can officially say congratulations to Grande and Davidson. Please, for our sake, wait a bit before getting married. We need to rest awhile before adding yet another milestone to the timeline.