Remember back in the day, when Netflix worked through the mail? You had a list of movies you’d like to see and Netflix followed through by mailing you the DVDs. These days, when someone says Netflix, they mean Netflix streaming. It’s simpler, easier, and a service that anyone can figure out. But much like their big change from being primarily DVD-related to being accessible on your Roku, the service is switching something else around. However, this change is one you probably won’t like too much.

Netflix announced that they’ll start airing commercials during the credits of your shows. While they’re not planning on interrupting your binge mid-show (since that’d be pure evil), it’s still a big change that will affect the way you marathon a series.

Another good piece of news is that, according to PopSugar, the ads will just be for other Netflix programs. So you won’t be spontaneously hearing about Bounty paper towels or Pampers at the end of an Orange Is The New Black episode. But instead, you might see something about Grace & Frankie or BoJack Horseman.

Some users are already experiencing the changeover. While it could be worse, let’s just say… they’re not pleased with the update. Much like Hulu, it looks like a lot of the promos are repetitious, and some users say they’re forced to watch promos for other shows before continuing on with their next episode.

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On Reddit, user BitGod1 stated that the new addition has made Netflix more of an inconvenience. “I’m one of those weirdos that [like] watching the credits for things, and I’ll skip them if I don’t care,” they wrote. “This is just added hassle for me now, gah. Netflix is really starting to become my least favored service.”

Still, some users think that the ads are nothing compared to the way television used to be.

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Who knows? Maybe one day you might just forget what Netflix was like without the promos.


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