Social media allows us to instantly connect with friends and family members in a way that was never possible before. Now, we can even connect with celebrities and influencers who have risen to fame through social platforms. However, social media has its downsides. Now more than ever, celebrities have to deal with haters and online speculation about their personal lives. Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse are certainly used to this. They were the first Riverdale couple to make their relationship official, and now they post the cutest pictures of each other on social media while engaging in clever banter. But based on a recent tweet from Lili, people continue to make assumptions about their relationship.


In a tweet that has since been deleted, according to Teen Vogue, Lili Reinhart wrote, “Can I tweet something stupid without everyone speculating that my relationship is suffering?? F*ck. Grow up.” While no one knows what led her to post that tweet, she does have a point. Just like us regular people, Lili and Cole deserve the same privacy, and don’t need people commenting on their relationship status (which applies to all other celebs as well).

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It’s clear that they are still together, though, as Lili posted a shirtless picture of Cole on her Instagram page, writing, “I hope you don’t mind” in the caption. And that was only two days ago.

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We certainly don’t mind!

Their unique relationship is truly #goals and inspires us just like some of our other fave celeb couples (Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, or Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, anyone?).