Most Horrifying Things People Witnessed That Have Us Saying, “Nope”

June 25, 2019

If you often witness odd, creepy, or downright terrifying things, chances are those horrifying moments will scar you for the rest of your life. We’re talking about you, orbs that showed up in photographs we took in a cemetery in the early 2000s.  Consequently, when one Reddit user brought up horrifying moments, a lot of other people had stories to contribute. Their memories will make you want to sleep with the lights on forever.

“What is the creepiest thing you’ve seen in the woods, or in the mountains, or in deserts, or caves, or in small towns, or in remote or rural areas or while on large bodies of water, or while on [an] aircraft or a nautical vessel?” Reddit user ArmyOfDog asked on the forum.

Since it’s initial posting, the post received more than 61,000 upvotes and accumulated over 19,000 comments. And pretty much all of those creepy memories make us say, “Nope. No, thank you. We don’t want it.”

But you can decide if these terrifying true stories are really that bad.

Just make sure you’re not home alone when you get started. Trust us.

1. A Real Faceless Man

We have news for all of you Game of Thrones fans.

Unfortunately, this Faceless Man was nothing like the kind Arya Stark trained to be. This Redditor and their cousins found a man without a face floating in a nearby canal, and as we can only imagine, they were probably scarred for life. This person did ask an adult to call the police after the discovery, though. But we might not have handled the situation so well.

2. Thousands Of Spiders

Even one spider is too much.

This Reddit user thought mistakenly thought they saw glints from dewdrops in the dim light from their flashlight. But dewdrops had nothing to do with it. Instead, they saw thousands of Huntsman spiders hiding in the dark of the forest. We’re not headed to Australia any time soon, yet we still regret reading this.

3. A Wheelchair Wanderer

Where did he even come from?

Anyone who has “murder in their eyes” is never a friend. Thankfully, this Redditor was able to outrace the person chasing them, but can you imagine what might have happened otherwise? The situation could have turned out badly. The real question, though, is why didn’t they quit the paper route sooner?

4. Ugly Naked Guy

Remember Ugly Naked Guy from Friends? 

We certainly do. And this Redditor and their girlfriend stumbled upon their own Ugly Naked Guy (truth be told, we don’t know if he was actually ugly or not) in the middle of nowhere. We don’t want to know why this dude chose to derobe or why he decided to do so near some abandoned railroad tracks. But you do you, Ugly Naked Guy.

5. Another Body

What’s even creepier than this short story?

This Redditor followed the news for any updates about the woman or her identity. The baffling story never seemed to make headlines, though. We think that’s pretty eerie. And someone else commented, “I know a guy who was out boating [when he] found a body in the water. The police told him to send a picture to the Coast Guard. He used the number he thought they gave and got a text back going, ‘WHAT THE HELL IS THAT.'”

6. Panic! At The Satanic Ritual

Good plan.

Yeah, let’s pretend that the ritualistic, robe-wearing, chanting session was “just some teenagers goofing around.” Otherwise, we’re all going to have multiple panic attacks and start hyperventilating. Redditors in the comments thought “Satanic Panic” would be an awesome band name. But we’re big fans of the person who wrote, “Panic! At the Satanic Ritual.”

7. Proof Of Aliens

This is why you steer clear of forests.

Other Reddit commenters had opinions. They speculated that an intense bolt of lightning struck the ground and created the mysterious circle. And, sure, this explanation seems relatively reasonable. But we are not buying it. Aliens make crop circles, remember? We think the aliens struck again just to show off their power.

8. More Alien Proof

You thought the yellow circles were weird? Then this Redditor’s story will certainly keep you awake for weeks on end. It just doesn’t make sense. What could those “black, triangular shaped” crafts possibly be? Have we even considered that aliens may be operating under water? Area 51 needs to get on this theory stat.

9. A Campsite Intruder

At least they thought quickly.

Can you imagine if the intruder called this Redditor’s bluff? What the heck would have happened? Honestly, we don’t want to know. We’re just glad this camper had the foresight to be intimidating instead of crying. Note to self, though: bring something bigger than a pocket knife when venturing into strange campsites.

10. An Even Scarier Campsite Intruder

We have one question.

Namely, we want to know exactly who hired such an incompetent troupe leader. They were supposed to be the lookout and protect the children from danger. Instead, this guy was fast asleep. If this Redditor didn’t come out of their tent at this specific time in the night, who knows what would have happened. Camping is looking less and less appealing.

11. A Rodent Where A Rodent Should Never Be

Disturbed, frightened, startled…

All these words describe how one might feel when they wake up to discover a weasel sitting on their chest. Plus, weasels are known for their craftiness and mischievous natures, so it’s unsurprising that one ended up in this Reddit user’s tent. However, we have to wonder what the weasel hoped to find.

12. Moans From The Dead

We have questions about their career choice,

It seems like hearing a corpse exhale would always be an incredibly creepy experience. But maybe you just expect the unexpected if you work as an autopsy technician. In any case, we’re glad this Reddit grew accustomed to the phenomenon. But us? We’d be totally creeped out every single time.

13. Something So Gruesome

First, why was only the sheep’s head left in the middle of the road?

Second, why wasn’t there any blood if something terrible happened to the poor animal? And third, does this mean a monster lurks in those woods? We have a lot of questions. But much like this Redditor, we probably won’t get an answer. It’s all a little too ominous for our liking.

14. Cougartown

Don’t trust those beautiful clearings.

We’re just picturing Scar from The Lion King, and we’re not amused. Yes, we understand that Scar is a lion and not a cougar. But that whole “unmistakable shoulder crawl” things seems just like something Scar would do. This Redditor is lucky the cougar just watched them instead of deciding to make moves.

15. A Skinwalker

When Dad’s scared, you know something is up. And for those of you who don’t know much about skinwalkers, the alleged creatures can purportedly transform into any person or animal at will. According to legend, they usually become crows, eagles, coyotes, or wolves. The mythology of the skinwalker originates with the Navajo people; the history has marked their culture for centuries. night.

16. A Real-Life Zombie

This is a total no.

Sure, maybe this mysterious person was suffering from some kind of food poisoning. But there is absolutely no way we’d stick around to find out. And food poisoning does not make you stare at young children. We would have noped right out of the situation just like the Redditor in question.