Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. Seriously — think about it. A woman’s body nourishes a baby both during pregnancy and for a long time afterward. So why are people shaming Chrissy Teigen for sharing a breastfeeding photo on Instagram?


This past weekend, Teigen shared a cute photo — feeding on one side is newborn son Miles, who was born slightly prematurely in May. Miles is the first son for Teigen and her husband John Legend, and their second child. Baby girl Luna has been lighting up Teigen’s Instagram feed since she was born in 2016.

Speaking of Luna, she also has a key part in the photo. While breastfeeding Miles, Luna handed her model mom her baby doll, making the photo quite funny. “Luna making me feed her babydoll so I guess I have twins now,” Teigen wrote. It’s tough enough balancing two, so best of luck to Teigen for taking on yet another baby last minute. Mom Of The Year Award goes to…Chrissy Teigen!

It’s unfortunately easy to pinpoint why the photo was controversial — some people are still uncomfortable around breastfeeding, even though it’s both healthy and natural. No matter what, a fed baby is best — but seeing a mother nourish her child any way she can is a beautiful sight. And seeing Teigen share a moment with both kids is simply precious.

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But one person scrolling through her feed thought differently, tweeting out that just because it’s natural doesn’t mean she wants to see it.

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Never one to ignore a call out, Teigen addressed the tweet in a funny way, reminding her fans that there’s plenty of stuff on social media she also wishes she could ignore.

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She’s got an excellent point. How many awkward photos of fireworks have you seen in your life? Face it, they never come out good. But instead of insulting the photo, why not just scroll on by? The pic must have meant something to the person posting, and trying to make them feel bad about it doesn’t add any good to the world.

Women shouldn’t feel ashamed of feeding their child. Even if you’re not fond of breastfeeding photos, just remember — the only Instagram feed that should be catered to your personal interests is your own.

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