Coffee hacks for every coffee lover to get their caffeine fix in more ways than one!

No more watered down iced coffee!

Freeze coffee in an ice cube tray. Add milk and enjoy!

Power Gummies

Mix and heat the coffee-gelatin mix. Pour into gummy bear mold (or mold of choice) to fill about half. Freeze. Mix and heat the milk-gelatin mix. Add to the mold and freeze. Enjoy!

DIY coffee art!

Cut foam sheet into the top shape of your favorite mug. Cut out design. Place over mug and use cinnamon to create your art!

DIY milk foam

Fill a cup with as much milk as desired. Shake the cup and microwave for 45 seconds. Top your cup of coffee with delicious fluffy milk!

Coffee scented candle

Fill a cup or bowl with coffee beans. Place vanilla candle in the middle. Enjoy the smells!

DIY coffee scrub

Mix 1 cup of round coffee, brown sugar, and coconut oil. Store in container. Apply on skin, rinse and enjoy the silky smoothness!

Make coffee less bitter, no sugar needed

Add salt and enjoy!



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