Don’t just throw all of your newborn baby essentials into a gift bag and slap a card onto it. We have 5 clever ideas to wow your BFF at their baby shower! Check out each hack below for a list of materials needed to recreate each hack and follow along with the video above for step-by-step instructions!


Diaper Motorcycle

Get creative and build an adorable motorcycle using each gift!

Materials needed:


Onesie Cupcakes

Please don’t try and eat these cupcakes.

Materials needed:


Onesie Cake

Now, this gift you can eat!

Materials needed:

Teddy Bear Towels

Tip: Dip these bears in some water and freeze them. They make for the perfect teething toy!

Materials needed:


DIY Baby Wipes

Stop shelling out for expensive diaper wipes. Make your own at home!

Materials needed: