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Kids have a magical way of seeing the ordinary as extraordinary! Nurture your child’s imagination by creating unique spaces in your home that foster curiosity and wonder.

Mickey Mouse and his friends know exactly what we mean, because they meet Funny — an enchanted, talking, and energetic playhouse. On the new DisneyⓇ Junior series, Mickey Mouse Funhouse, Funny magically transports the group of friends to a range of destinations, so they can go on adventures unique to that land.

You can do the same for your little ones by curating adorable play spaces for them. Transform an old crib into a new learning center, complete with a chalk board table top for scribbling. Encourage your young reader’s love for fiction by restoring old rain gutters into DIY book nook shelves.

Give your kids all the room they need to learn and grow, and don’t forget to watch Mickey Mouse Funhouse on DisneyⓇ Junior!


Crib Activity and Learning Center

[image_with_caption text=”Blossom” image=”https://itsblossom.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/BLM1235_Disney_MickeyMouseFunhouse_Still_6.jpg” url=””]



  • 1 baby crib
  • Tool kit
  • Drill
  • 1/2 pint of chalk paint
  • 2 kids chairs
  • Command hooks
  • 1 white board/cork board
  • Office supplies
  • Chalk



  1. Take your baby’s old crib and unscrew or hammer off one of the longer sides leaving the rest of the crib intact and then remove the mattress.
  2. Paint the surface with a chalk paint and let dry.
  3. Add all the learning tools your child will need for easy access and keep it organized by using office organizers. (For example: chalk, notebook, scissors, etc.)


Rain Gutter Book Nook

[image_with_caption text=”Blossom” image=”https://itsblossom.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/BLM1235_Disney_MickeyMouseFunhouse_Still_5.jpg” url=””]



  • Rain Gutters
  • Gutter caps
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Tool kit
  • Books



  1. Take some gutters that are still in great condition and cut into 6 pieces, each the same desired size.
  2. Add gutter caps to both ends.
  3. Take 2 gutters and meet the ends on a corner and make sure they are aligned and even.
  4. Use a drill bid to create holes on both ends and the center. Then use the drill to screw them to the wall.
  5. Now you can safely add all of your child’s books and to make it comfortable add a rug and some pillows.


Mickey’s Magical Theater Curtained Bookshelf 

[image_with_caption text=”Blossom” image=”https://itsblossom.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/BLM1235_Disney_MickeyMouseFunhouse_Still_4.jpg” url=””]



  • 1 three tier bookshelf
  • 2.5 yards of red silk fabric
  • Drill
  • Tool kit
  • Leather string
  • Small screw hooks
  • 1 black Styrofoam board
  • 1 white Styrofoam board
  • Stuff animals/play toys



  1. Empty a three-tier bookshelf, and using a drill bid, make some holes on the top left, center left, center right and top right corners.
  2. Twist some small hooks into the created holes making sure it ends up facing up.
  3. Take a small leather string and make knots on both ends, making sure it is tight when added to the top hooks.
  4. Bring in small curtains or red fabric that you can wrap around the string, one for each side.
  5. Slide each fabric to its side creating a curtain like fall and use the center hooks to hold the curtain on each side.
  6. Add buttons made out of Styrofoam board to the center hooks and on top of the shelf add black ears to give it that Mickey Mouse look.


Mess-Free Drawing Table

[image_with_caption text=”Blossom” image=”https://itsblossom.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/BLM1235_Disney_MickeyMouseFunhouse_Still_3.jpg” url=””]



  • 1 coffee table
  • 1 thirteen inch paper towel holder
  • Tool kit
  • Drill
  • 12 inch white drawing roll paper
  • Coloring/writing supplies



  1. Take a 13 inch paper towel holder and attach it to the left side of that old coffee table with some screws to make sure it is secure.
  2. Buy a 12 inch white drawing roll of paper and add it to the holder.
  3. Now you can roll some paper out and rip it off when your little one is done drawing.


Easy DIY Toyhouse

[image_with_caption text=”Blossom” image=”https://itsblossom.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/BLM1235_Disney_MickeyMouseFunhouse_Still_2.jpg” url=””]



  • 1 six square bookshelf
  • 1 cube cardboard box
  • Tool kit
  • 1 pint of paint
  • 2 Styrofoam boards
  • Colored construction paper
  • Glue/adhesive
  • Dollhouse furniture
  • Mickey & friends dolls/action figures



  1. To create the top of the house, grab a square box and cut down along one corner of the open-faced box. Then, cut along the bottom edges of the two sides, approaching this corner. Now, fold the two loose sides of the box in toward each other and tape them together, forming an enclosed triangle. Cut off the excess bottom of the box not within the triangle.
  2. Place the cardboard triangle on top of the cubby organizer and paint all as desired.
  3. Affix colored cardboard or cardstock to the back of each of the cubbies in the organizer.
  4. Place toy house furniture and figures inside, and you’re ready to play!


Imagination Camping (Crib Rail Tent)

[image_with_caption text=”Blossom” image=”https://itsblossom.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/BLM1235_Disney_MickeyMouseFunhouse_Still_1.jpg” url=””]



  • Drill
  • Tool kit
  • Glue
  • Double-sided tape
  • 3.5 yards of red fabric
  • 1 black Styrofoam board
  • LED string lights
  • Pillows
  • Small area rug



  1. Remove the two long sides of the crib from the crib base.
  2. Align these crib sides against each other at a 40 degree angle, longways going up to a point. Then, screw the two sides together at the top. Now you have the base of your tent!
  3. Wrap red fabric around the sides and back of the tent and affix it to the crib sides.
  4. Cut two circles out of black cardboard, then cut a flat edge into each circle. Glue or tape the flat edge of each circle to the sides of the tent, giving the tent Mickey ears!
  5. Finally, slide in a carpet and some pillows for extra comfort.
  6. For an extra “under the stars” touch, drape LED lights across the inner top three rows of the crib sides!


DIY Costume Closet

[image_with_caption text=”Blossom” image=”https://itsblossom.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/frame_4629.jpg” url=””]



  • 1 four drawer dresser
  • Drill
  • Tool kit
  • 2 single cabinet knobs
  • 1 pint of paint
  • 1 tension rod
  • Costumes/wardrobe



  1. Remove all of the drawers except for the bottom one (and make sure you remove any rails, leaving that space completely open).
  2. Remove the bottom drawer handles and paint the dresser white.
  3. Once it is completely dry, replace it with new handles for the bottom drawer.
  4. Bring in a tension rod along the top of the hollow drawer space.
  5. Now, hang and place the costume pieces in the closet, and you’re ready for playtime!