Who knew hot glue was so versatile? Be sure to check out these fun and nifty hot glue gun hacks!


Pet Brush Glove

Get the best of both worlds with this hack. Pet your cat or dog while also giving them a good brush!

Materials needed:

Head Scratcher

See which of your friends can make the funniest face while trying out this egg whisk turned head scratcher.

Materials needed:

Harry Potter Wand

“It’s Levio-SA”

Materials needed:


Add some pizzazz to your favorite cardigan or coat with this DIY glitter button.

Materials needed:

Personalized Wine Bottle

Everyone loves wine! Personalize it with some hot glue.

Materials needed:

Hair Tie

Who would have thought hot glue could be used like this?

Materials needed:

Earring Backing

It’s impossible to keep track of those tiny backings for all your earrings. Whip up a new one with this super easy hack.

Materials needed:


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