All the single ladies put your hands up… and give yourself a high five for now knowing how to do these 8 awesome hacks!


Cuddle Buddy

This takes the term “body pillow” to a whole different level.

Materials needed:


Spider Repellent

Is this where I mention I woke my entire family up in the middle of the night because there was a spider near my bed and I refused to take care of it?


Materials needed:


Homemade Chocolate Truffles

Queue up the newest season of One Day at a Time and feel empowered as you dig into this box of homemade chocolate truffles.


Materials needed:


Easy Jar Opener

Finally, my rubber cleaning gloves can have a true purpose now!

Materials needed:


From work casual to lunch-date ready

Materials needed:

  • button-down shirt


Easy Zip Dress

Not all of us were gifted with long arms and shoulders we can easily dislocate.

Materials needed:


Sour Wine?

Mason jars are still cool, right?

Materials needed:


Spare Toilet Paper Holder

There’s nothing worse than being home alone and seeing the empty roll of toilet paper until it’s too late and you’ve been telling yourself for a week to bring the new package that is still sitting on the kitchen table…

Materials needed:


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