We’ve all had those days where the Universe is trying to tell us we shouldn’t have gotten out of bed that morning. When going back to bed isn’t an option, check out these 9 face-saving hacks to help you on those not-so-great days.

Ripped Pants

“All just because I went an ripped my pants” – Spongebob Squarepants


Materials needed:


I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve accidentally flashed innocent pedestrians on windy days. Check this hack to avoid feeling like Marilyn Monroe each time you step outside in a dress or skirt.


Materials needed:

  • coins (preferably quarters, or the heaviest coin your currency offers)
  • fashion tape

Slippery Shoes

Are the soles on your favorite pair of shoes so worn down that you constantly find yourself slipping and sliding on tile flooring? We’ve got you covered with this instant fix hack that will save your face and your shoes!


Materials needed:

Barn Door Left Open?

Got a zipper on your pants that just won’t zip? Save yourself the embarrassment with this quick and easy hack.


Materials needed:

Camel Toe vs. Leggings

We love leggings but we don’t love the inevitable camel toe that happens whenever we wear them. Check this quick hack to help avoid that happening.


Materials needed:

Bustin’ Out

Popped a button on a shirt? We’ve got you covered with this emergency hack.


Materials needed:

Sweat Stains

Hey, sweating is totally normal! But sometimes we don’t want everyone to know. Use this hack to help save your shirts.


Materials needed:

Boob Spillage

That’s right, we said “boob spillage.” Repair your love/hate relationship with strapless bras with this easy solution!


Materials needed:

Wine Stains

We all have those days where we sometimes forget how to drink. Save your shirts with this easy wine-stain removing hack.


Materials needed:

  • salt
  • boiling water
  • bowl to catch water

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