Gold Toe

  1. Take a piece of paper and fold it in half
  2. Tape the paper down the middle as shown below.
  3. Cut the paper and tape.
  4. Tape the toe part of the shoe and cover the remaining with paper.
  5. Spray paint the shoe
  6. Remove tape. Voila!


Sequined and PomPom Sandals

  1. Thread multiple sequins.
  2. Glue sequins onto thong of sandal.
  3. Glue pompoms as desired
  4. Bead strings of sandal
  5. Decorate to your artsy preference!

Bedazzled Heel

  1. Line up bedazzles and glue onto heel
  2. Be fabulous!

Tulle Heels

  1. Fold the tulle in half
  2. Cut the shape as shown
  3. Sew tulle on fabric
  4. Repeat multiple times until you achieved desired fluffiness
  5. Sew onto shoe.
  6. Slayyy