Did you know a 20 oz Coke bottle has over 60 grams of sugar? That’s more than 5 glazed donuts!!! Here are 9 ways you can hack your Coke, instead of consuming it.


Bake Cake with Coke

Add cake mix to your coke. Bake as you normally would and enjoy!

Get rid of rust and tarnish

Just soak in coke, wipe clean and voila!

Coke Bug Spray

Get rid of the creepy crawlers and spray Coke on ’em! Plant friendly.

Clean Calcium Buildup in Electric Water Heater

Pour Coke into container, heat, rinse, and calcium be gone!

Clean dirty flooring

Pour some Coke on the floor, let it sit, and wipe it clean!

Coke Replaces Windex!

Replace the bottle cap with a chemical spray mister. Use as Windex!

Remove Stains on Clothing

Soak your stained clothing in Coke. Wash as normal, and voila! Stains gone.

Gum in Hair? Coke Can Fix It!

Soak that sweet thing in Coke and it slips right off!

Clean Toilet with Coke

Pour Coke onto the brim of the toilet and into the bowl. Let it sit for 1 hour. Brush, flush, and ta’da! Clean toilet!