Don’t the chefs on Chopped make slicing up fruits and vegetables so easy? Have you ever wanted to cut like a pro? This video from Blossom is the perfect place to start! Happy slicing.


Knife sets

Cutting board

Cutting board


How to cut onion without crying!

Step 1: Cut onion as shown below.


How to hasselback potato easily

Step 1: Place chopsticks on cutting board.
Step 2: Place potato above the chopsticks and slice the potato.


How to cut mango!

Step 1:  Slice mango as shown below.


How to cut watermelon for a party

Step 1: Poke the skewers as shown below.
Step 2: Cut watermelon in between the skewers.


How to slice steak properly

Step 1: Slice the steak against the grain.


How to cut bell pepperell pepper

Step 1:  Cut bell pepper as shown below.


How to cut a cucumber

Step 1:  Cut cucumber as shown below.


How to cut mint

Step 1:  Wrap the mints all together.
Step 2: Slice them.



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