Want to know how to re-create our hacks? Check out each hack below for the list of materials needed and follow along with our video above for full instructions!


Finger Guard

No more worrying about slicing your fingers open on your kitchen knives. Dice your vegetables with confidence using this DIY finger guard!

Materials needed:

Easy Pour Scoop

It’s a funnel and a scoop all in one! What more could you ask for?

Materials needed:

  • empty juice bottle with handle (example: plastic Tropicana jug)
  • X-acto knife

Knife Sharpener

Got a dull kitchen knife? Flip over a ceramic plate and you’ve got yourself a knife sharpener!

Materials needed:

  • ceramic plate

Extra Counter Space

Cursed with a kitchen with hardly any counter space? Don’t give up your love of cooking meals! Open one of your drawers and just lay your cutting board across it.


No-Spill Aluminum Foil Hack

Keep your baking pans clean and mess-free with this clever aluminum foil folding hack.

Materials needed:

Splatter Catcher

Keep your stovetop and pots clean by using a mesh strainer to keep your pots from boiling over and splattering everywhere!

Materials needed: