Coca-Cola is more than just a refreshing drink to quench your thirst during a summer blockbuster — it can actually be pretty handy to have around. Turns out, Coca-Cola can be used to clean a bunch of household items and really upgrade your life. Serving multiple purposes much like how vinegar does, it’s a good cleanser that might help you save a little money on cleaning supplies.


Of course, it’s a little alarming that the same product we share with friends by the pool can also help clean rust off tools (which it can, if you let them soak a little bit). But like everything, Coke isn’t necessarily dangerous if you drink it in moderation and make sure not to depend on it as your go-to beverage.

After learning about some of these genius hacks, you’ll make sure your household is always stocked up with Coke. Not only will these tips ensure a cleaner home, but you’ll have a lot more free time based on how efficient Coke can be.

Try to use Coke in the garden to help get rid of slugs.


It’s so wonderful to grow your own veggies. Gardening is one of the best hobbies during the spring and summer seasons, so it’s a shame when your beautiful plants start attracting unwelcome visitors. A bowl of Coke left overnight will help control slugs, if they start hanging out in your backyard too often. Some gardeners have tried to spray Coke directly on plant leaves to control other bugs, but it has mixed results. Still, worth trying if your garden is infested.

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Coke can help whiten grout.


If your grout is starting to look not-so-fresh, consider pouring some Coca-Cola over the stains. All you need are a few minutes before you can mop it back up to see a massive improvement. It might take a couple of attempts based on the state of your grout, but it works.

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You can use Coke to clean your windows.

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It sounds unreal, right? The citric acid in soda makes it a decent cleaner if you’ve run out of Windex. It’s exceptionally good at cleaning your windshield, especially if you’ve accidentally collected a lot of bugs during a nighttime drive.

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Remove rust with Coke.


As mentioned above, Coke is amazing when it comes to rust removal. It’ll work a little slower than the rust removal products you can find at the store, but it’ll save a ton of money — especially if you’ve got a lot of rusty items you’re hoping to recover. All you need are 24 hours of soaking and a little bit of scrubbing, and rust should be no more.


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You can also clean toilets with Coke.

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Not only can Coke clean the inside of your toilet, but it can clean the inside of your toilet with the least bit of effort, ever. Diet Coke has also been proven to help solve the problem. All you need to do is pour some into your toilet bowl and let it sit for about an hour. Then, just flush. If any staining does appear, a toilet brush should do the trick to remove it quickly.

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Coke can be the perfect addition to your cake.


Finally, a food hack! You might associate beverages like milk to be essential for baking, but if you mix Coke and standard cake mix and bake appropriately, you’ll end up getting a really tasty, moist cake with minimal prep. Others might very well ask you for the recipe.

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Coke can remove gum from your hair.


It happens to everyone — and it’s always a little embarrassing. Before you resort to snipping the gum out of your hair (and immediately booking a haircut) this hack will make gum slide right out. All you need to do is soak the area affected by the gum in cooled Coca-Cola, and soon the gum will give up its mission of ruining your style. Just make sure not to soak your whole head in Coke, since that’ll do more damage than good.

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You can use regular Coke as a marinade.


This is the perfect hack for your summer grilling. The acidity in Coke helps tenderize it, and the Coke itself can give meat a sweeter flavor. Coke is often combined with condiments like barbecue sauce when it’s used to marinade the meat overnight, since the thickness of a sauce like that helps the meat become even more flavorful.

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You can descale a kettle with Coke.

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Are you a fan of tea? It’s got a lot of health benefits (and it’s also a delicious, more mellow alternative to coffee), so it makes sense that your kettle is in constant use. You can actually clean it out quite easily with a can of Coke. All you need to do is boil the soda in the kettle and wait 30 minutes. After that, your tea should taste a little less metallic.


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Coke can help remove pesky clothing stains.


You might want to use caution in your whites, but otherwise, it makes sense to keep a few fans of Coke in your laundry room. It’s exceptionally good at fighting grease stains and blood stains. Consider adding a full can of Coke to your next load, as weird as that might feel. It’ll do a lot more good than you think.

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Coke can help relieve jellyfish stings.


Nobody likes the feeling of being stung by a jellyfish. For many, the fear is reason enough to stay out of the ocean. You might want to bring a few cool cans of Coca-Cola with you during your beach travels, since it can do wonders to aid the sting of a jellyfish. And it’s way less embarrassing than using urine, which — by the way — doesn’t really work. While Coke will make the pain more manageable, you’ll still want to seek out medical help if a sting occurs.

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Now, go forth and grab yourself a can of Coke. You never know when you’ll need it.


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