A Woman Got Revenge On Her Cheating Boyfriend And Tweeted The Whole Thing

October 24, 2019

Can somebody say awkward? After her 2017 tweet about her cheating boyfriend went viral, Twitter user @AyanaTheDiva decided to entertain the entire internet by retelling her cheating story in front of a live studio audience (a.k.a. all of Twitter).

We’ve seen cheaters exposed in the weirdest of ways — candid cameras, released DMs, and in Burger King’s Instagram comment section (yeah, really). But @AyanaTheDiva’s exposé of her cheating boyfriend may just be the best one to date.

On September 10, 2017, @AyanaTheDiva tweeted, “When a girl wants to show you a picture of her [hot boyfriend] in her phone and she starts pullin up YOUR mans IG page,” and included a gif of a shocked and confused Beyoncé to perfectly sum up how she felt about the situation. She then added the hashtag “#SameBae…” in a followup tweet.

Her tweet received over 67,000 likes and was retweeted more than 27,000 times.

And people wanted to know how in the heck @AyanaTheDiva handled that scenario. Did she say something to the girl? Did she say “that’s nice,” and then immediately dial up her cheating boyfriend?

Or did she scheme up a sneaky revenge plot?

A revenge plan that was so diabolical and entertaining that she was crowned the internet’s favorite antihero of 2017?

*Cough cough* It’s the last option *cough cough.*

Hang onto your hats, people, because this story is one bumpy and hilarious ride.

It all started with @AyanaTheDiva started a new job.

When @AyanaTheDiva jumped into the story, she noted that all her coworkers at her new gig were “pretty cool.” “But it’s this one girl who I literally just clicked with,” she wrote.

“We act alike, have the same taste in men,” she added in another tweet.

She said that she knows this because they have a tendency to alert each other when a hot guy enters the establishment — you know, as gal pals often do.

They even agreed when a “hot dude” wasn’t all that hot.

“I had a guest who all my female coworkers (hell the men too) were going crazy over,” @AyanaTheDiva wrote, stating that the entire exposé started about a week before she posted her initial September 10th tweet. “I didn’t think he was all that.”

“And neither did she,” Ayana wrote about her new BFF coworker.

She tweeted that this girl told her that she knows of another guy who “looks way better than him,” talking about the guest in question. @AyanaTheDiva also noted that she and this coworker worked on opposite sides of the restaurant.

The girl decided to show proof that she knows an even hotter dude.

“So she was just showing everyone the pic of him and they was all like yeahhh he fine he do look good blah blah,” @AyanaTheDiva wrote.

And mind you, she had yet to see the photo that was being passed around.

“We had got busy so I never got to see the picture,” @AyanaTheDiva wrote, reminding readers that this occurred a week before things supposedly went down, if you catch our drift.

Fast forward to the day things got weird.

“So tonight, a fine [as heck] CHOCOLATE MAN with a BEARD walks in,” @AyanaTheDiva wrote on September 10th.

“We give each other the look again.”

Because we obviously both think he’s cute,” she added in another tweet.

“When he leaves she says “‘that man was so fine'”

While on the topic of hot dudes, the girl reminds @AyanaTheDiva that she forgot to show her the picture of “the boy [she] was talkin bout last week.” Uh oh.

So she pulled up the Instagram app…

“The FIRST name in her search bar was my boyfriend’s Instagram page …” @AyanaTheDiva wrote in another tweet. She included yet another gif to show her shock and horror.

“In my head I’m literally praying she doesn’t click on his page… But she does.”

We realize we all saw this coming from a mile away, but still — we’re also feeling the shock and horror.

@AyanaTheDiva attempted to keep her cool.

“Oh that’s (his name) …. you know him???” she reported she said.

TBH, this is exactly what we would have done, too.

While breaking out into a cold sweat and gritting our teeth with rage.

@AyanaTheDiva added, “I ain’t saying his name on here cuz y’all be real quick.” Fair enough.

Twitter followers love to engage in a social media call out whenever they can. We have to give her credit for not caving and giving Twitter his information.

Then the fake smiling and laughing commenced.

“She like “yeahhh I know him, how you know him?” I’m like no how YOU know him ?”

We are screaming.

How @AyanaTheDiva kept on such a cool exterior after just discovering her boyfriend is likely cheating on her is impressive, to say at the least.

The pettiness is palpable.

And then…the girl revealed something @AyanaTheDiva was not ready to hear.

“Girl that is my booooo.”

“So she’s like ain’t he fine, ain’t he fine. Omg how you know him.” Okay. So now this other woman has confirmed she is interested – and perhaps knows – @AyanaTheDiva’s boyfriend. But did Ayana reveal anything yet? Of course not.

“I just simply replied “we went to middle school and high school together.”

We honestly don’t know how she kept her composure during this interaction.

She then asked the girl, “That’s just your boo or your boyfriend?” while still smiling and acting interested, she tweeted.

Either answer would not have been good.

Yup. It turns out this girl had been talking to @AyanaTheDiva’s boyfriend everyday. In that split second of realization, @AyanaTheDiva decided to hatch a plan.

“Just as I was about to call an Uber,” she tweeted. “I just decided to ask her where she lives.”

The coworkers/friends/new mortal enemies realized they lived near each other.

So, the plan was put into motion.

“So I ask her what is she doing tonight? “She was like nothing” I was like girl come to my house and have a drink!! She was like okay cool,” @AyanaTheDiva tweeted.

What’s that saying? Keep your friends close and enemies closer?

Yeah — she did just that. Of course, this girl had no idea that anything strange was going on.

But @AyanaTheDiva was about to change that.

Here’s the gag:

Dun, dun, dun! We’re somehow panicked and intrigued all at the same time. Within a matter of minutes, @AyanaTheDiva had set up a revenge plot to take her cheating boyfriend down.

Can you imagine this car ride?

“So we hop in the car & she telling me about him & all the good times they’ve been having for the past year,” @AyanaTheDiva wrote in a followup tweet.

Ayana also noted that she and her boyfriend had been together for three years.


@AyanaTheDiva had the whole thing planned out in her head.

She imagined the look on his face would be priceless — as would the look on her unsuspecting coworker’s face. Our stomachs are hurting just thinking about the confrontation.

They finally make it to Ayana’s place.

“As we’re pulling up to my complex,” @AyanaTheDiva continued, “She goes “[I live here too!] Just when we thought this plot couldn’t thicken any more.

This friendship really could have been something great.

If only it could have been that simple. However, the silver lining to this realization was that @AyanaTheDiva found out that the girl had never actually been inside her apartment — phew!

“I’m sure she woulda said something” if she had been in the apartment, she wrote.

What’s more is that she realizes that her cheating boyfriend has been lying to this poor girl.

He supposedly doesn’t live anywhere near here…

Uh huh. Sure.

But in actuality, the girl lives so close to where @AyanaTheDiva and her boyfriend live that he is actually able to walk to her house.

Good lord. Can this dude get any worse?

When @AyanaTheDiva and her coworker exit the car and walk closer to the house, @AyanaTheDiva sees a light from inside, indicating that her boyfriend is actually home.

“I’m low key hype.”

@AyanaTheDiva decided to enter the house through the garage to see if her boyfriend’s car is in there, which lo and behold, it was. She wrote that she was actually pretty “hyped” to see this thing go down.

“I’m like “oh girl I didn’t know MY babe was home you can meet him.”

Our knees are weak, and our palms are sweating, Eminem style.

Oh no, oh no, oh no!

@AyanaTheDiva was ready to ambush her cheating boyfriend when he was least expecting it. However…he ended up being in the bathroom when she and her coworker arrived.

“So I’m like cool,” she tweeted.

“She sits down and I start pouring us glasses of wine. She’s like ‘your house is so pretty.'” The fakery continues as @AyanaTheDiva and her coworker clink glasses. This is some soap opera ish.

She then invited her boyfriend to join the fun.

“I hear him yell from the bathroom like “bae that’s you” “I’m like yea my coworker here we’re about to drink, come join us when you done,”” @AyanaTheDiva tweeted.

And, sadly for everyone involved, that’s exactly what he did.

The plot had come to fruition. And man, oh man, did it work like a charm.

@AyanaTheDiva had gotten her revenge.


We hear you loud and clear, girl.

We can only imagine the absolutely discomfort felt by everyone in that room.

Her boyfriend then reportedly looked at her coworker and said, “What’s up how are you?”

Um…really? Did he expect her to just say, “I’m good, how are you?” Yikes to the nth degree.

The coworker was furious.

Sure, this whole thing is really embarrassing for the coworker. And it’s not like she’s to blame — she obviously had no idea that “her boo” was actually Ayana’s boyfriend.

But @AyanaTheDiva didn’t really care.

She wanted to set up a Shakespearean scenario, and she did so effortlessly.

“I basically just say “thanks for the ride girl.”

“No hard feelings, you can keep the glass” she really kept my [glass] and walked out,” she added.

As for the cheating boyfriend…?

What can he really say? He was literally caught in the crossfire of a battle he created. “six f***ing houses down???” @AyanaTheDiva said she asked him. “Are you f***ing stupid or something ????”

We think we know the answer to that question.

“In case you’re wondering he has left the building,” she tweeted. “I’m currently taking a break from packing up his [belongings] to tweet this story.” She also said that she’s working with a locksmith to change the locks.

@AyanaTheDiva and the girl in question shared a shift the next day.

And, as promised, @AyanaTheDiva updated us on what went down.

The girl actually called out “sick” from the shift.

However, after things settled, she and the girl had a conversation.

“Me and her have talked yall. We are good. She saw the thread …I APOLOGIZED TO HER.”

But she realized that the girl probably wouldn’t want to be her friend after this upset, which we totally understand. But perhaps later down the road, they could reconcile, seeing as they were such fast friends before.

However, we have a feeling the boyfriend doesn’t stand a chance.

“Lame af” doesn’t even begin to cover how horrible this dude actually is. Although @AyanaTheDiva told him to give her more time, it turns out that she didn’t really want to talk things through.

“No we are not together,” she tweeted.

“I am visiting family while he’s at the crib getting his things. He gotta go. TADAY.” We couldn’t agree more.

This may be the best Twitter thread of all time.

Don’t be surprised if you see @AyanaTheDiva’s story get turned into a blockbuster rom-com/thriller. Although probably to her chagrin, it has major potential to be Hollywood gold.

Have you ever busted a cheater in a dramatic fashion?