As if she isn’t already successful enough, rumor has it that Kylie Jenner might soon be coming out with a skin care line. According to reporting by The Cut, the 21-year-old self-made billionaire filed three trademark applications — one for Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner and two for Kylie Skin. Any guesses on what she’s working on?

Trademark Ninja reports that the Kylie Skin application includes products like moisturizers, toners, facial scrubs, body scrubs, face masks — fortunately for us all, the list goes on.


One of the other trademark applications Kylie filed was for “retail store services featuring skin care products, skin care preparation products, cosmetics, cosmetic preparations and gifts,” and was registered back in July. While we can’t see who it’s registered to, we’re hoping that these alleged gifts will be ready just in time for the holidays.

And if all this speculation wasn’t enough, the star’s Kylie Cosmetics website now says, “Kylie is currently working in the Kylie Cosmetics Lab on a handful of new, top-secret products she’s creating to help give you that perfect ‘Kylie look’. Stay tuned for more products coming soon!”

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From lip kits that help you re-create her signature pouty lips to vibrant eyeshadow shades, Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics line has made more than $600 million since the launch of her lip kit line in 2016. As Kylie sets her sights on expanding her cosmetics empire, with a loyal following to her makeup line, skin care looks like it will be a success. In the meantime, we’ll be saving up to try all these exciting new things as soon as they are released.


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