Finding hair inspiration in time for the new year can be hard sometimes. Is it really too much to want to stand out and shine with a new ‘do? Dyes, extreme chops, and a full hair transformation can cost ridiculous amounts of money (and can end up being a huge disaster). That’s why following hair trends and style tricks can be the root (sorry) of your hair indecision.


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Once we saw what is definitely going to be a huge hit for winter hair trends, we just had to share. There’s no hair dye, scissors, clippers, or anything of that nature involved. We’re sold on its simplicity, especially because it turns out so cute. And it can work for any hair length and color, which makes it a versatile, yet show-stopping style.

Since glitter obviously makes everything better, it only feels right that this glitter ponytail is bound to be a hit.

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Plus, there’s tons of opportunity to make it your own with different colors, shapes, and textures of glitter. Who says adults can’t put glitter in their hair and still look sophisticated?

Good hair plus glitter makes for some killer confidence, which is the perfect way to survive the winter. Wear this style to holiday parties, family gatherings, or even just a regular weekday outing. You’ll definitely feel the power of the glitter, and you’ll have everyone asking about your trendy, updated ponytail (trust us, they’ll be shocked at how easy and doable it is).


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