The Only Aesthetic Modern Bohemian Decor Pieces You Need To Revamp Your Room

September 13, 2019

Many of us tend to associate bohemian decor with wild colorful prints, two or three or four layered rugs, and a plethora of plants. We also think of minimal color palettes, interesting shapes, and clean architectural lines when envisioning a modern layout. But what if there was a way to combine the modern and bohemian styles? Indeed, they might seem completely opposite.

A decorating nube might think they have to pick one style and stick to it until death (or that next overpriced rental apartment) do they part. But that assumption is one of the most common decorating mistakes.

In fact, many design styles can be mixed perfectly and cohesively.

You just need to have a little finesse and an intentional color scheme. Can you throw Scandinavian and mid-century modern styles into one room? Sure, just look for wooden furniture that’s light in tone and heavy in character; satisfy both design requirements at one time. The same goes for modern and bohemian vibes.

Look for aesthetic modern bohemian decor pieces that are visually interesting and textured.

Steer clear of the colder aspects of modernism. Instead, lean into layers. But keep them in neutral, calming colors.

You can even take a deep dive into all the shades of one particular color. For example, combining muted yellow decor pieces with accessories in complementary mustard and goldenrod hues will make all your other renter friends think you know things – decor things. They will be jealous, and you will brag. You can look forward to that cycle.

To help make that vicious but delightful home style cycle a reality, we rounded up the best aesthetic modern bohemian decor pieces.

Best of all, you can order them from the comfort of your own couch (which probably needs some new pillows, just saying).

1. Pampas Grass


We live for this stuff.

Pampas grass is like the gift that keeps on giving. It’s a real plant that looks a lot like wheat (if wheat could be just a little more aesthetically pleasing). The stalks are completely dried. You’ll never have to worry about watering these guys, but they’ll still bring life to your space. Plus, the grass looks stunningly boho and sleek at the same time. Throw it in a clay vase for added style points.

Buy it for less than $35 here.

2. Art Prints That Are Both Vibrant And Simple


Just because you want to go modern doesn’t mean you have to avoid all color.

Add some vibrancy into your space with art that features muted colors or pastels. Just be aware of the print’s frame. A simple black one with clean lines will take your space from hodgepodge to pulled together. You can have something simple that still makes an impact.

Buy one for less than $20 here.

3. Sculptural-Looking Greenery


You just can’t do bohemian without some greenery.

But we’re not saying the greenery has to be high maintenance. And what’s the absolute opposite of high maintenance foliage? Faux foliage. No, it won’t bring any additional oxygen into your space, but who needs air when your room looks Instagram-worthy all the time? A fake cactus plant will do the trick expertly. Plus, taller cactus plants lean modern. Those prickly limbs mimic interesting architecture, and we’re not mad at that.

Buy one for less than $80 here.

4. Woven Baskets


Going modern doesn’t mean giving up woven texture.

In fact, modern spaces with added warmth and texture look way more polished. Now you can toss some blankets in your woven basket. You can add a plant to it. Or you can do the less expected thing and leave it empty. Here us out. A bit of negative space, even if it’s the space inside a basket, can be calming and chic. Plus, it’ll balance the more “full” aspect of the bohemian aesthetic.

Buy one for less than $40 here.

5. Rattan Baskets That Double As Wall Decor

Ann Lee Designs/Amazon

Here’s another basket situation.

But we recommend putting this one on the wall. Again, you’ll double up on texture. And if you keep the rattan baskets in a nice black and white color scheme, the vibe will still be modern with a twist.

Buy one for less than $25 here.

6. Modern Side Tables

Euro Style/Amazon

Time to add more black accents.

And the cool thing about a modern black side table, in particular, is that it can function as so many things. Put some striking coffee table books on top (no, coffee table books need not be relegated solely to coffee tables). Put a plant on top. Hey, put some pampas grass on top because we know you added the stalks to your online shopping cart already.

Buy one for less than $55 here.

7. Minimally Patterned Rugs


We die for a concrete floor moment.

In fact, we more than realize how dangerous those über modern, über gorgeous concrete floors are. Lose your footing on one, and you’ll be more concerned for your safety than pretty flooring. So make modern floors more practical with a good rug. Keep the pattern simple, though. And monochromatic colors are your friends in this instance. Even if your apartment has those less-than-deal beige carpets, a modern rug can still up the anti.

Buy one for less than $55 here.

8. Leather Ottomans Or Poufs


Circular objects really encourage a bit of flow and movement.

And you want movement in your living spaces. Sharp edges look modern. But truly, does that even matter when you’re bumping into corners and scraping knees at every turn? We think not. To combat this, add some round poufs to your decor. A leather or faux leather one will contribute to the warmth factor without going too color crazy.

Buy one for less than $60 here.

9. Textured Throw Blankets


Even modern homes should be equipped for cuddling.

And throw blankets will help with that. Just don’t do that notorious “casual throw” with your throw. Leave it neatly folded when not in use. Otherwise, it’ll look a little less sleek and a little more college-dorm. (That’s not bad necessarily also not necessarily aesthetic.)

Buy one for less than $20 here.

10. Modern Wall Sconces


Not all art needs to be framed.

Moreover, not all art needs to be flat. You can throw a plant on your wall and call it art. And the right wall sconce does double art duty, making your place more visually interesting and brighter. We suggest a plug-in sconce, so you don’t have to fiddle with anything electrical. Renters rejoice.

Buy one for less than $60 here.

11. Candles

P.F. Candle Co./Amazon

Who says decor depends only on what you see?

We certainly don’t say that. Indeed, we have five senses, and the more we stimulate all of them when designing our homes, the more welcome our guests will feel. No we’re not exactly saying that people should be able to lick the decor. But why not let them smell it? A warm, enveloping scent nearly transcends any style. Plus, cute packaging makes any candle a win-win.

Buy one for less than $25 here.

12. Hanging Chairs


There may be such a thing as too much macrame.

But who are we to determine how much is too much? Macrame wall hangings seem synonymous with bohemian decor. Don’t let that dissuade you, though. A hanging chair of the organic-looking material will be boho, yes. However, it will also take up vertical space in a good way. Refrain from piling on the pillows in your hanging chair vignette, and you’ll be set.

Buy one for less than $55 here.

13. Round Mirrors


Mirrors reflect light.

Everyone knows that by now. And there’s hardly a room that wouldn’t benefit from a reflective surface. To keep your space your space, simple, though, opt for a round mirror with a slim black frame. Even a frameless one could do the trick.

Buy it for less than $70 here.

14. Arc Floor Lamps

Milton Greens Stars/Amazon

More lighting.

Because can you ever really have enough? An arc floor light will add drama to any room, and it’ll shine beautifully on your plant (or faux plant) collection. Get it in black to really pack a punch and tie in with your other modern touches.

Buy one for less than $100 here.

15. Hanging Planters


Let’s put something other than a framed print on the wall again.

And this time, let’s work in more greenery. We recommend hanging two or more planters at different heights for real intrigue. the eye will have multiple things to take in. Moreover, the additional greenery will make up for the lack of a more traditionally bohemian color palette.

Buy one for less than $20 here.

Are there any other aesthetic modern bohemian staples we missed?