22 Hilarious Products That’ll Make You Smile

September 11, 2019

You know the drill. It’s been a long week and the only solution is some retail therapy to make everything feel better. Our go-to destination? The virtual, magical marketplace, known as Amazon, of course. While scrolling through the seemingly endless options, it’s impossible to miss all the fun goodies that just feel like they were designed to make your day brighter and life easier.

Since you can literally get just about any item you can dream up to your doorstep in under 48 hours, searching through the site’s wild selection of products can be equally as entertaining as watching Netflix—or at least better than watching Friends for the hundredth time.

While you can definitely find your share of practical items like a beautiful new comforter or stock up on cleaning supplies, on days like today, all we want to buy are things we never knew we needed, but could never live without after trying.

We’ve rounded up 22 hilarious products, from ridiculous ways to spoil your pet to signing up for a “Peanut Butter & Jelly of the Month Club” that are all bound to make you smile. Without further ado, scroll down to catch our latest and greatest finds.

1. A Dinosaur Taco Holder

Just when we thought Taco Tuesday couldn’t get any better, this happened. Jurassic Park fans and dinosaur lovers prepare, this cute stand can hold anything from your beloved tacos to waffles and sandwiches.


While we could easily pretend this is great for kids, this is just as great for an adult with a child’s heart.

The dinosaur holder even made this woman feel better about eating her “terrible gluten-free taco.”

Buy here for under $15.

2. Cereal Killer Spoon

This is the perfect product for the person that eats the most cereal in your life… or watches the most documentaries about serial killers (and thinks Ted Bundy is kind of cute.)

Whether it’s the season of gifting or not, your crime — obsessed BFF/sister/co-worker will be touched.

And, we’re not surprised how popular they are.

Buy here for under $15.

3. Whalecome Mat

The best part of living on your own is getting to put some of your unique touches on the place. If you love puns, look no further, this one will make quite the splash.

There are a lot of funny ones, asking if you texted first or if you have wine or dog treats, but this is our favorite.

Buy here for under $30.

4. Haute Diggity Dog Muttini Bar Collection

Dog lovers, we hear you. Have you ever heard that expression about pets starting to look like their owners? This is for all the La Croix aficionados.

Now you’re fur baby will be requesting “Lick Croix” with his breakfast.

Buy here for $15.

5. Drunk Stoned Or Stupid (A Party Game)

While we will probably never stop coming up with our own drinking games with friends or pulling out Cards Against Humanity, this one’s so freaking fun. It comes with 250 prompt cards to decide who in the group is “MOST LIKELY TO.”

The scenarios range from waking up with half a burrito in bed to having a 20-minute conversation with Siri. 

We’d probably steer people away from playing with their sensitive friends.

According to Twitter users, the game has quite the following.

Buy here for under $20.

6. The Office TV Show Pencil Set

Of course these pencils exist and they’re fabulous. Whether you keep that at home or bring them to your own office for a laugh, these are the perfect way to incorporate a little humor to your life, and just another reference to one of the best TV shows to ever exist.


Michael Scott would approve. Dwight? We’re not so sure.

Buy here for under $20.

7. The Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press

If you were a Glee Fan, you don’t need us to explain the reference. But this product ~miraculously~ toasts the face of Jesus on every sandwich.

Buying this product also spreads a little extra happiness in the world, as part of the proceeds go to charity. The manufacturers are clearly doing God’s work.

The review are in, and we’re still laughing. You’ve got to see this Twitter user’s post.

And honestly, we’re just flashing back to this moment:

Buy here for under $45.

8. Giant Googly Eyes

How did it take this long to become a thing? Everyone loved playing with googly eyes in elementary school, so it’s only natural we’re using them to spread a little extra happiness in the world.

I mean—put them on your car, your front door… EVERYWHERE.

Doesn’t this car just look sassy, now?

Also, there’s a term for putting these eyes on everything, it’s called eyebombing! You can read that here:

Buy here for under $15.

9. Classic Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Wake up and start the day with the feel-good taste of Mickey Mouse waffles. They’re so cute and it’s literally impossible not to smile while chomping down on a quintessential staple part of going to the “Happiest Place in the World.”

Life hack? They taste better without waiting in line and away from the screaming kids. You know it’s true.

Buy here for under $30.

10. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Everyone knows traditional corkscrews are annoying and outdated, and nothing ruins a nice bottle of wine like ripping the center of the cork out by accident.

Luckily, there’s an easy and cheap solution.

Eventually every adult learns the difference between a “need” and a “want.” This is most definitely a need, don’t fight us on it.

It’s also quite possibly the most thoughtful gift to give someone. Significant others, listen up:

Buy here for $20.

11. F*cking Planner Stickers

Some people like a planner filled with inspirational quotes and pictures of rainbows. Others prefer uncensored expletives, graphics, and phrases. And you know what, these darn stickers could help you get your sh*t together.

It’s your planner, you make the rules.

Buy here for under $6.

12. Sushi Socks

Each sock is folded in a specific way so that it resembles actual sushi and are packed in box. These are so cute for yourself, or even to gift to a friend or partner.

And come on, who wouldn’t share a picture wearing a hilarious pair like these, below.

Buy here for under $20.

13. White Cloud Magnetic Wall Key Holder

Do you forget your keys everywhere? The solution is simple, cute, and will never have you freaking out digging into the sides of your couch or trying to remember which jacket you wore the day before.

Sick of helping your roommate or parent find their keys all the time? This could be considered a subtle present.

Buy here for under $10.

14. Novelty Cat Bed House

If you spent the whole summer laying out by the pool or on a trendy flamingo or swan float, shouldn’t your cat have the same opportunity?

Plus, if you’re going to take endless pictures of your pet sleeping, at least make it interesting for your followers.

As all cat owners know, they’re picky AF.

Buy here for under $20.

15. Cute Pastel and Gold Foiled Professional File Folders

Maybe leave these at home…while counting the days until your retirement might seem far away, if you can’t take your work grid with a touch of humor this might not be the best fit.

At the end of the day, you’re a total boss. Life’s too short to have boring folders and wait to clock in and out.

Buy here for under $15.

16. Extendable Rotating Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Want to make perfect s’mores fast? This set has you covered and a money back guarantee if it doesn’t meet their promise of being the fastest, most even roasting skewers.

I can taste the memories families across the country are making with these.

Buy here for $20. 

17. Cactus Pinata

If you’re planning a surprise for your next party or get-together, this cute cactus-shaped pinata is everything. Need an occasion? How about it’s Friday…or pay day?

Lowkey it’s been awhile since we hit a pinata, but after a rough week and a few margaritas nothing sounds better.

Buy here for under $20.

18. Holy Mother Forking Shirtballs: Clean Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults

Do you miss being a kid? Because we do every single day. This hilarious coloring book full of clean swear words, nodding to the hit TV series The Good Place.

Want a peek inside? Look below. We promise to stay PG.

Buy here for under $7.

19. Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Whether you love or hate flying is irrelevant. On a long flight, in a middle seat somewhere, possibly after an expected delay, you’ll be thankful for this TSA-approved carry-on cocktail kit.

The alcohol is not included, but their are mixes for a Bloody Mary, Old Fashion, Moscow Mule, and, even a Margarita.

Buy here for $15.

20. Mermaid Fashion Floatation Vest Doggy Lifesaver

Every good boy deserves this adorable life jacket, and it’ll let you watch your pet swim without any worry. The best part? The mermaid tail.

 Also combining mermaids and dogs? This is what dreams are made of.

Buy here for $25.

21. Funny Coasters For Drinks

What a great house warming present… or warning to your guests? Nothing is worse than having a table ruined by a careless guest, so this serves as a funny way to blast your drinks next time they forget a coaster or spill a glass of wine.

Does it reflect on our hosting skills if we admit this is how we feel every time someone comes over?

Buy here for $16.

22. Gourmet Peanut Butter & Jelly Of The Month Club

If you’re looking to surprise yourself or someone you love once a month, this is it. While at first this seems absolutely insane, who can’t make one themselves, the loving reviews are overwhelming.

Bought this for my husband, the man who has everything, or buys it himself if he wants something. He said this was the best gift ever. It is so much fun getting a present each month…and how can you go wrong with peanut butter and jelly,” B. A. Cox wrote in her Amazon review.

The gift, however, doesn’t come cheap.

Buy here for $468.90.

That’s almost $40 a month. But you do get a new jar of both PB & J on the regular, and they are fancy AF. 

We hope these products inspire you to look for all the fun and joyous things in life. You can absolutely buy happiness with just about any of these items!

Our editors handpicked the items in this article. Affiliate links may give us a small share of the revenue to support our creative team.