Best Travel-Based Instagram Accounts To Give You The Travel Bug

August 26, 2019

It would be great if most of us contracted the travel bug as often as the common cold. Unfortunately, while we can dream of running off to faraway lands, our bank accounts and Google calendars remind us that we don’t always have the time or money to jet set anytime we want. Rude.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t take a break from our everyday lives every now and then and check out some wanderlust Instagram pages. Heck—sometimes it’s a good thing to indulge in our fantasies by following travel-based Instagram accounts.

While these professional travelers may do this for a living (hello, dream job!), it’s our right as viewers to sneak in their content any chance we get. Because who wouldn’t want to explore the Nile from the comfort of your desk or watch someone sail across the Indian Ocean while you’re surfing the internet (it’s the same thing, right?).

Either way, friending travel-based accounts on Instagram will not only make your feed much more gorgeous looking, but they can also inspire you to eventually make your own adventure come true.

Not sure who you should add to your ‘gram? Check below for a full list of travelers you should follow ASAP so you can catch the travel bug.

1.@alexandrapereira – Alexandra Pereira

Do you like long walks on the Maldives’ beach and African safari rides?

Cool, so does travel influencer Alexandra Pereira.

With 1.7 million followers, Pereira travels far and wide to give rich and stylish travel content to her followers. While the majority of her images focus on her, her Instagram Stories provide more insight into each location she visits. She’s also the founder of her own clothing line Lovely Pepa.

2. @taramilktea – Tara Whiteman

She’s been in the Instagram travel game for a long time.

Between pops of color, luxurious backdrops, and chic selfies, there’s something for everyone on Tara Whiteman’s Instagram account. Her aesthetic is always changing, but that’s what keeps us coming back for more.

You never know what you’re going to get when you follow this travel influencer.

3. @earthpix

This account will want you to book a flight on TripAdvisor ASAP.

What’s not to love about this travel account? It curates some of the best travel photography across the ‘gram for your viewing pleasure.

This account doesn’t simply post well-known monuments or nature’s natural formations, either; it also reposts images and videos of cute furry friends, too. Um, is this the best Instagram account ever?

4. @doyoutravel – Jack Morris

Pictures of far-off destinations, his puppy, and Bali home? Count us in.

Becoming a world traveler as a full-time job is glamorous, but it takes a lot of work. But when you stumble upon Jack Morris’ account, well, he just makes it look easy.

Not only are his videos gorgeous, but the pictures with his S.O. are what we all dream to take when we’re on vacation.

5. @gypsea_lust – Lauren Bullen

Her life looks like a dream.

We couldn’t mention @doyoutravel without talking about @gypsea_lust, AKA Lauren Bullen. She makes traveling look easy with her drop-dead gorgeous images and one-of-a-kind videos.

While she’s constantly embarking the world with her S.O., Jack, they have called Bali home by creating a house from the ground up.

6. @annstreetstudio – Jamie Beck

A photographer with a traveling heart.

Jamie Beck is not your typical photographer. Her style is as unique as she is, yet it’s classic in the right areas.

This American expat made France her permanent home, and while we’ll miss her New York photographs, we can’t help but droll over her Provence images that involve not only the countryside but reflect her relationship with her brand new baby, too.

7. @lucylaucht – Lucy Rose Laucht

She’s always in motion.

Lucy Rose Laucht knows how to capture the heart of travel. Her film work is impeccable and she isn’t afraid to mix it up (think: black and white, crisp portraiture, and blurry objects).

She’ll inspire you to not only book a trip to a far-away land but to also give photography a try. Highly recommend taking a peek at her page whenever you’re lusting to buy a plane ticket.

8. @theslowtraveler – Carolyn

Sometimes you don’t need to travel fast to see the world.

There’s something quaint about Carolyn’s travel images. While she’ll highlight the United Kingdom’s most photogenic alleyways and castles, she’ll also invite you into her home by photographing her dog and magical scenes that almost look like they come directly out of a page from Harry Potter. 

9. @parisinfourmonths – Carin Olsson

Can we have her life, please?

Whether she’s roaming around…well, Rome, or exploring the water-front hotels of Sardina, it seems Carin Olsson is always on the go. But who could blame her?

As a photographer, she’s able to capture breathing images in a snap (pun intended) all while looking like an international model.

10. @ioegreer – Joe Greer

A New York photographer with an expansive mind.

Joe Greer’s travel images will make your head spin. Not only will you want to make them into postcards and place them all over your refrigerator, but you’ll also want to cover the rest of your home with them.

His style is sharp, clear, and to-the-point, but he makes sure that each image evokes a narrative that’ll connect you with the subject at hand. All in all, this is a travel account you need to follow.

11. @damonandjo – Damon and Jo

These are the only two people you’ll want to travel with ever again.

While you can view the world through rose-colored glasses (or a real rosé glass—whatever, pick your poison!), you also probably want to see the world with a couple of people who will make your travel experience even more memorable. Cue in: Damon and Jo.

Not only are they hilarious, but they’ve also created their own travel show, which is called Shut Up and Go, that’ll make you want to travel with your BFF.

12. @here.mag

A luggage company with its own travel magazine? Yes, you heard that right.

If you know Away luggage, then you may be familiar with their magazine, Here.

While the print version focuses on creative and influential people, their ‘gram encapsulates what their view is like by showcasing summer getaways, Syrian food, and out-the-beaten-path hotels.

13. @spiritedpursuit – Lee Litumbe

Style + travel = Lee Litumbe.

There’s nothing not chic about Lee and her Instagram account. The juxtaposition between her outfits and adventures perfectly exemplify how you can mix textiles and history all in one image.

She’ll remind you of all the places you wanted to go that you might’ve forgotten about and even inspire you to pack a few extra bikinis — you know, just in case.

14. @helloemilie – Emilie

Serene and peaceful images? What’s not to love?

Even though Emilie has 1.3 million followers, you should probably follow her to get a daily dose of her stunning travel images to your feed. Why? Because they’ll make you feel calm, cool, and collected, especially if the rest of your feed makes you frustrated, mad, and anxious.

Plus, if you’re interested, she answers photography questions via her stories, which is helpful if you too are an aspiring travel photographer.

15. @the_globbers – Luca Pezzolo and Ale Zorzin

A couple that travels together, stays together.

When you’re in love, nothing beats traveling the world with that person who you care about the most. So if you’re looking to satisfy your inner hopeless romantic, then you gotta follow @the_globbers.

With every picture they take, you can tell that they are madly in love with one another, whether they’re in Egypt or London. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to note that all their pictures are perfectly styled and exposed.

What Instagram travel accounts do you follow when you are feeling the wanderlust?