Sarah Hyland’s Teen Choice Awards Outfit Is Getting Attention — But Not For The Reason You Think

August 14, 2019

We didn’t think we could love Sarah Hyland any more than we already do. But it turns out we most definitely can. Hyland, of Modern Family fame, just shared a photo of her Teen Choice Awards outfit and it’s getting her a lot of attention. And everyone just collectively realized that the girl can seriously rock a KUPA.

For those of you who are unaware of what a KUPA is, read on .” You’ll understand in a minute.

KUPA is a phrase coined by Hyland to refer to her “kidney upper p*ssy area,” playing off of the slang term FUPA.

“Yesterday I had my first nationally televised performance of a song I did with the amazing @jordanmcgraw,” Hyland wrote in the caption of her August 12th Instagram post. “I was terrified. I was excited. There was a PHENOMENAL crowd supporting us the entire way through. Thank you so much to everyone who watched! Thank you @teenchoicefox for having us!!”

She then added:

“And a final thank you to my ever changing self confidence for making the decision to not wear spanx and let my KUPA (kidney upper p*ssy area) shine like the badass bitch she is.”

Yes, Sarah, YES!

Hyland’s KUPA is the result of two kidney transplants, both of which she had done within the past eight years. Having a bump is completely normal for someone who has undergone a kidney transplant, and appears because the transplanted kidney has to be placed behind the original kidney.

Hyland has been vocal in the past about purposefully hiding her KUPA using Spanx. After attending the Vanity Fair Oscars party in February, Hyland posted a photo from the evening and wrote in the caption, “#funfact I’m wearing TWO pairs of spanx. Why diet? When you can just hide it!”

Unfortunately, Hyland received a lot of blow back from followers who didn’t realize she wasn’t wearing shape wear to slim her figure, but rather to smooth out her bump. She later clarified her usage of Spanx by retweeting someone else’s explanation.

“Someone gets it!” she added.

If people had done some research before firing off unwarranted comments like, “You don’t even need spanx,” they would have most likely come across Hyland’s interview with SELF from December 2018.

In the interview, she talks about her first transplant, her rejection, her dialysis, and her current situation — including her KUPA.

“I’ve never been ashamed to show my scars,” she told SELF, referring to those scars left from the 16 surgeries she had throughout her 27 years of life. “For me it’s always hard for KUPA to be on display.”

“Sometimes I have complete meltdowns in the middle of fittings,” she told the publication. “Being like, ‘KUPA will show. I really want to wear this dress and you can’t hide it.’”

But it looks like Hyland may be taking steps toward not letting her KUPA get to her as much. Showing off KUPA is actually doing a lot for others who have gone through the same transplant process.

She’s been an inspiration for years already. But putting her KUPA on display is taking it to the next level.

Being so transparent about her illness and recovery has normalized kidney transplant scars. And that means a lot to so many people.

And no, people of the internet, she is not pregnant.

Well…in a different TV universe she is.

Nor does she have three legs. At least, we don’t think she does.

The moral of Hyland’s story? If have one, let your KUPA be a star in your show.

And if you’re not into the KUPA look one day, it’s totally cool to cover her up, too. You do you!

Thanks for sharing your self confidence with the world, Sarah. It really means a lot.

Now get those KUPAs out there and make Hyland proud.