The Worst Auto-Correct Mistakes People Have Ever Sent

August 08, 2019

We’ve all done it: sent what we thought to be a well-crafted text message, email, or — for those of us privy to the technology of the early millennium — AIM message only to find ourselves suddenly overcome by a thick wave of nausea upon rereading our instantly delivered message.

Finding that what we sent was not at all what we had typed, all thanks to the blessing and curse that is auto-correct. Sure, none of us are perfect — a slip of the thumb here, a drag of the finger there turns a word like “dear” into “dead,” which can get anyone into a mess pretty quickly. Cue existential panic. And unfortunately, many auto-correct situations result in highly inappropriate phrases being used, which we do not condone in any way.

Thankfully, we’re all in good company. The plight of the miss-sent text is something most everyone can relate to on some level, either in experience or in fearful anticipation.

Auto-correct was an absolute blessing when it broke onto the messaging scene back in the mid to late ’90s, and blessed us with the ability to properly spell words we had no way of knowing with ease. What a way to avoid embarrassment! Until, you know, it inevitably backfires.

Have you had a horrible auto-correct mishap? The answer is probably “yes.” But, hey, you’re not alone.

Here are some of the most embarrassing auto-corrects we could find.

Thanks for nothing, auto-correct.


A True Lovers’ Quarrel

Whether you’re “dumping” or “jumping,” relationships can be…complicated.

And it only gets worse when you rely on technology to help you get your point across. But I guess in this case, auto-correct did this person a favor by exposing the truth about their significant other’s feelings.

Thanks A Lot, Mom

At least Dad made it out alive, right?

Still, this person’s Mom should probably start re-reading her texts before hitting that lovely send button.

Entrepreneurship At Its Finest

This person got a little…creative.

I mean, it ultimately all comes down to the classic rule of supply and demand, right? And though I am not so sure how big the demand for earring smelling is, at least this person seems to have claimed their corner of the jewelry market. Everyone has to start somewhere, after all!

“So, Do You Wanna Hang Or What?”

Could this be chalked up to just being a classic Freudian slip?

Maybe this was just the romantic push their relationship needed?

It might be time for us to start saying “give me a minute” instead…

It’s hard to say what’s worse — sending a mistake like this to your boss or a family member. Either way, no thank you.

Working Up A Different Kind Of Sweat

Who needs to lift weights when you have auto-correct?

Asking a friend for help or advice can sometimes be a bit of a humbling experience…especially if you happen to accidentally insult them in the process. I guess this guy was able to work up a sweat thanks to this unexpected auto-correct induced panic. That’s basically like a workout, right?

An Embarrassing Bilingual Blunder

Learning a new language can be hard…especially when auto-correct tries to translate things for you.

Politically Auto-(in)correct

This is just the sort of auto-correct mistake that can keep you up at night…and could get you into a whole lot of trouble if you don’t correct it right away like this person did.

Shout Out To Beavis And…

At least this one paid off in the form of a strange inside joke.

Not sure what people will think when they hear these two people calling each other “Butt Thread,” but it’s sure to get them some attention.

We’re All Just Out Here Trying To Get Paid

More money, more problems?

When You’re Not Really Looking For A Relationship

…But sometimes auto-correct has other ideas.

I guess using your friend’s phone to tempt fate, though, isn’t really the best way to make a love connection.


This probably seemed like a pretty drastic turn in the conversation…

A phone dying can be inconvenient, but at least you can just charge it back up.

When Your Main Man Becomes Your Ex-Man

When an auto-correct is this frequent, it can come across as being a bit suspicious.

Maybe he should have just started calling her Kate as a cute nickname and the whole thing could have blown over? Or, even more likely, it just wasn’t meant to be.

When You’re Just Looking For Some Notes

Maybe all this message needed was a little context?

“Send notes” could have been a whole lot clearer if they’d said, “Could you please send the notes from class?” But maybe that would have just made the auto-correct mishap even worse.

Cue Sisqo’s “The Thong Song”

We’re still a little curious what this “thing” was.

We can only hope that it was dad appropriate.

If we’ve learned anything from these auto-correct mistakes, it’s that truly no conversation is safe.