The Best Astrology Self-Care Practices For Each Zodiac Sign

July 31, 2019

Has there ever been a term as nebulous as “self-care”? To some, it means, “you do you.” To others, it is tied to purchases of makeup, skincare, and luxury bath items — and making sure your social media following knows you used them. Self-care can also be defined as doing something just for you, like taking a decompressing, solitary hike, binge-watching a comforting series, or giving yourself a mini-makeover.

It can be hard to determine which brand of self-care is for you, but thankfully, it is written in the stars. Okay, it isn’t literally written in the stars, but there are different methods of self-care that seem to appeal to certain signs. Self-care astrology isn’t about sticking to exactly one practice, but rather about finding out what makes your sign tick (and freak out) and how to handle it. Are you an earth sign that needs to indulge in the material world? Or are you an air sign that needs fresh mental stimulation as a form of self-care?

Some astrology self-care tips overlap between signs, so you can see what tips apply to both you and your partner or BFF.

If you are looking a way to decompress and destress (aren’t we all?) here are some of the best ways to practice self-love and care for every sign.

An Intense Workout

Good for: Aries, Leo, Capricorn, Virgo

“Exercise gives you endorphins; endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands!” Have there ever been wiser words? Even though the Legally Blonde quote is a silly one, it holds some truth: exercise is a great way to relieve stress and feel happier — science even says so!

This astrology self-care helps burn off energy — or helps when you feel stuck.

Fire signs Aries and Leo tend to be, well, hot-headed and energetic. Earth signs Capricorn and Virgo can get intense and become paralyzed by perfectionist tendencies. A H.I.I.T. workout, a long run, or a vigorous game of pickup basketball can help these signs practice self-care. Even a brisk evening walk can be a nice form of self-love for these signs.

A Lavish Meal

Good for: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Libra

Who else has champagne taste and a beer wallet? We may not always be able to go out to a Michelin Restaurant, but that doesn’t mean that these signs can’t tuck into a opulent meal. This could mean anything from going out to a favorite mom-and-pop restaurant to hosting a lively potluck with friends and family.

This form of self-care is particularly nurturing for signs who crave conversation and closeness.

Tauruses strive for stability, so it makes sense that a hearty meal is a great way for this earth sign to indulge in some astrology self-care. The Libra and Gemini are both air signs, and they love to recharge with some fresh gossip and chit-chat with friends and acquaintances alike — what better way to do that than hosting a potluck? As for Cancers, they should stick to cooking and hosting for only a special few, as this water sign thrives off of close, interpersonal relationships.

A Spa Day

Good for: Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces

Real talk: everyone could use a spa day every once in a while. But these four signs will feel the full effects of a day full of pampering and relaxation. And “spa day” can mean anything from a mani-pedi date with your BFF, a couple’s massage with your significant other, or simply taking more time to do your makeup for the day.

The point is to really focus on taking care of one of your physical aspects.

The earth sign Taurus loves being comfortable, so a gentle massage or sauna session could be beneficial to the Bull. Gemini, known as the Twins of the zodiac, could enjoy something that forces their constantly flitting mind to take a breather — the same goes for Sagittarius, a sign that has a hard time standing still. Water sign Pisces will enjoy drifting off into daydreams as they are pampered.

Quality One-On-One Time

Good for: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Usually, people associate self-care with some sort of solitary activity. Taking a solo adventure is fine, but for these signs, being around those they call near and dear can help lift up their spirits. These signs should pick friends or family that energize or inspire them; when it comes to astrology self-care, you should avoid friends that might be energy vampires or take up too much space.

And “Quality One-On-One Time” can be one of many activities.

Maybe for you, quality one-on-one time is best spent with your significant other out in nature. Or maybe, if you’re like a Pisces, taking a painting class with an old-but-close friend could help calm your nerves and act as self-care. Whatever the activity, make sure you are focusing on the other person — not your phone, upcoming tasks, or deadlines. Being present is the best form of astrology self-care for these signs.

Meditation Or Yoga

Good for: Capricorn, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces

Meditation can be a bit daunting — what can you possibly accomplish from sitting around and doing, well, nothing? Can some slow yoga flows really bring some sort of peace when everything is so… intense for you? It can be hard for some signs to pump the brakes and escape the “gotta-gotta” mindset. After all, these are ambitious signs, and slowing down sometimes doesn’t feel like an option.

But slowing down needs to be an option for this form of astrology self-care.

Meditation can be as simple as closing your eyes for five minutes and focusing on your breathing. Signs like Capricorn, who are ambitious and task-oriented, could definitely use a mental break at least once a day. Libras tend to overanalyze everything, as they are concerned with fairness, and a step away from the problem in the form of yoga or meditation can help. The same goes for Scorpio and Pisces, two water signs who feel everything with every fiber of their beings. Take a minute. Breathe.

Tidying Or Reorganizing Your Space

Good for: Aries, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius

Who doesn’t love a clean, fresh space? For some, cleaning and organizing is an arduous task, but for others, it can actually be pretty darn therapeutic. Going through (and donating) clothes, scrubbing the tub, and changing the sheets can do a world of good for the zodiac signs with high amounts of energy and drive.

When you have a clear home, your mind can be clear, too.

Aries can be somewhat impulsive, so it is important this sign mulls over what they are donating during the cleaning process before officially saying goodbye. Earth signs Virgo and Capricorn are hard workers who love nothing more than a good to-do list — why not finally tackle a few home projects that always get left unchecked? Aquarius, an air sign, likes to dabble in the intellectual. By cleaning, they will be able to step away from whatever world problem they are trying to solve and come back to it with fresh eyes.


Good for: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

When we say “journaling,” we don’t mean writing a fire thread on Twitter, either — we mean putting a pen to paper, old school style. Writing by hand has a multitude of benefits, including maintaining your focus. Sometimes these signs have a hard time staying on one project or topic, and taking the time to hash it out in a Moleskein is a great form of astrology self-care.

You don’t need to try to write the next Great American Novel, either.

It might be tempting to try to make your feelings seem artsy (looking at you, Pisces), highbrow (*cough* Aquarius), or full of adventure and excitement (hello fire signs Leo and Sagittarius), but turn off that internal editor. Let the words flow out — even if they are gibberish or illogical rants — to practice this astrology self-care. Maybe you can start doing morning pages, or try bullet-journaling if you like your tasks and feels to be all in one place.

Taking A Vacation

Good for: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius

We get it — it’s not always the easiest to drop work and other responsibilities to go off on an extravagant vacation. The good news is that a getaway doesn’t have to be expensive or far away for it to be an effective form of astrology self-care. Heck, even going over to a friend’s house and staying the night can count if your budget is tight.

Whether it’s a day trip to the city or a two-week hiking trip through Bali, get your wanderlust on.

Fire signs Aries and Sagittarius love to travel, so it makes sense why this would be such a lovely and desirable way to decompress and take care of yourself. Traveling helps Tauruses because it gives the earth sign a chance to step back and admire the life they’ve built. As for Cancer, this may not seem like an ideal form of self-care — they are something of homebodies, after all. But getting the Crab out of their shell might be just what the doctor ordered.

Getting Lost In A Book

Good for: Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

Sometimes getting out of your own stressed head involves getting into the headspace of someone else — like a character in that book you have been meaning to crack open. Like writing with a pen and paper, reading from the page (as opposed to the blue glow of a laptop or phone screen) has some benefits, like helping you sleep.

Even revisiting an old favorite can be healing.

Air signs Gemini and Libra fancy themselves as intellectuals, so going back to a novel that stumped you or really got you thinking can be revitalizing. For perfectionist Virgos, reading a biography of someone they admire can be inspiring. Scorpios, who are known for their intense feelings and magnetic charisma, would love getting lost in an erotic thriller or pulpy romance novel — and we’re not judging!

Did your astrology self-care suggestion not make sense?

Remember, astrology is not a life manual that lies out step-by-step instructions to your perfect life — it is more of a guide than anything. If you feel like your astrology self-care idea is really off, consider checking your rising and moon signs, as these determine different aspects of your personality as well.

What’s My Rising Sign?

Your rising sign — also called your ascendant sign — is about how you present yourself to the world, according to Astrostyle. Your rising sign is whatever sign was rising on the eastern horizon when you were born. There are loads of online calculators to help determine your rising sign!

And What About My Moon Sign?

If you are prone to visceral or emotional reactions to things that upset you, you may want to check your moon sign for which form of astrology self-care to partake in. Your moon sign gives insight into your emotional side and how you handle feelings and interpersonal relationships. Your moon sign is determined by what sign Earth’s Moon was in the moment you were born.

Of course, you can use a mix of all these astrology self-care tips to make the best self-care and love regimen for you. Using tactics from your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs can help you create the perfect self-care treatment.