16 Times Introverts Got Very Real About Breaking Down

July 22, 2019

Calling all introverts! If there is one thing I know as an introvert, it is that I need to pay attention to the warning signs that I am running out of steam. Getting crabby, feeling sad, or being filled with dread are just a few signs I need some time to myself. When I over-commit or say yes to a social commitment I’d rather skip, I will often find myself worn out and hard to be around. When it comes to comparing introvert vs extrovert needs, there is really very little middle ground. What is an introvert, anyway? Just someone who is shy? It’s more complex than that, as any of the following stories will show you.

Being able to predict when you’ll need a little alone time is great self-care for the more introverted individuals among us, but it isn’t always easy to stay tuned to our own needs. That means we might unexpectedly find ourselves in the middle of a get-together, but way too tired to keep moving forward. And when it comes to the best activities or even the best jobs for introverts, it can all be pretty difficult for things to line up.

That’s exactly what happened to these Reddit users, who confessed the most uncomfortable times they ran out of “social batteries.” We gathered together some of the best comments, including one bride who had to give herself a break and boyfriend who locked himself in a bathroom for a bit to catch a breath. These are the 16 times introverts got so real about running out of “social batteries” and we couldn’t relate more.

1. Not What I Signed Up For!

When this Reddit user discovered the “dinner” they were invited to was actually a party, they left.

In my opinion, the worst part of this misunderstanding was there was no food to be found. It seems pretty rude to lead someone to believe they’re attending a small dinner when it is really birthday party. While some might feel uncomfortable excusing themself from a party like this, I can totally see why they didn’t want to stay!

2. Here Comes The Bride

We’ve heard it time and time again, the wedding day is all about the bride.

If you’re an introvert, this might not be good news! Reddit user CleverReferences had to give herself permission to relax a little when she became overwhelmed by the social expectations of her wedding day. Good for her! When you’re the bride celebrating one of the biggest days of your life, it’s important to take care of yourself, even if that goes against cultural expectations.

3. Good Citizen

For introverts, pushing outside of your comfort zone can be really, really hard.

Sometimes, doing the right thing isn’t comfortable and that is exactly what this Reddit user learned while on the train. When a family with young kids boarded the very full train and no one gave up their seats, they started asking people to move to make a place for at least the little kids to settle in. Job well done!

4. Two Years Later…

Trying to convince a significant other you’re an extrovert when you’re really very introverted might not be the best foundation for a marriage.

After a couple of years trying to keep up with his wife’s extroverted lifestyle, Reddit user SingularityM104 found himself majorly burnt out! The good news is that it wasn’t really that big of a deal when he finally gave in to his introverted ways, their marriage is still in tip-top shape. With extroverted children, this husband and father often finds himself hiding out at home, alone.

5.  Bad Boyfriend

There’s no indication why this relationship didn’t work out, but we can’t help but wonder if hiding in the middle of a family get-together has something to do with it.

While attending his girlfriend’s mom’s birthday, this Reddit user decided he couldn’t handle any more time being friendly. His plan to hide an empty bedroom was foiled by a sleeping, drunk aunt so he locked himself in a bathroom for a while. While hiding, he stumbled on a not-so-pleasant discovery. Woops!

6. While Playing Host

When you’re kind of an ambivert, throwing a party sounds like a great idea until your introverted side kicks in.

That’s exactly what happened to this Reddit user when they agreed to host a party with their roommate. Instead of powering through, they went to their room and hid until most of the party guests were gone for the night. This might be a lesson learned the hard way — if you’re not super social, stick with attending parties instead of throwing them in your own home!

7. While House Hunting

Finding the right place to live is a huge commitment and the endless tours of potential homes can wear a person down.

We suspect that this Reddit user was not only fatigued by needing to talk to their realtor for hours on end while searching for their new home, but they were also exhausted by the mental labor of evaluating each home. I’m glad to hear they managed to find the right place despite how exhausted they were by the search.

8. After a Breakup

Distraction is a great way for some people to cope after a difficult breakup, but it is a terrible idea for others.

When redeemr agreed to a night out after breaking up with their girlfriend, they quickly learned it was a terrible choice. To make matters worse, this introvert volunteered to drive and got stuck playing chauffeur to some very drunk friends all night long. Sounds like a really rough night!

9.  At The End of a Long Day

For many introverts, recharging after the workday looks like doing a whole lot of nothing.

This Reddit user doesn’t sound happy about how hard it is to maintain a social life with a job that requires a lot of human interaction. As much as they’d like to spend some time with their girlfriends at the end of a long day, they’re too tired of being with people at work all day to spend time with the people they like.

10. Why Do You Want to Work Here?

During a job interview, the goal is to make a good impression.

But what happens when you can barely hold it together for an interview for a job that requires a lot of face-to-face interaction? You should probably be honest with yourself and start looking for a career that allows you to hide behind a computer at least a few hours out of every day.

11. You Asleep?

Faking an unexpected nap is definitely a creative way to bring a long night to a close.

Having friends over for board games must have been their wife’s idea because this Reddit user went to extreme lengths to get their guests to leave. After their last game wrapped up and a long conversation started, they pretended to fall asleep in hopes the guests would get the hint and head home for the night.

12. While Telling a Tale

Storytelling is a bit uncomfortable for introverts who hate attention.

It’s no wonder partypat_bear ran out of “social batteries” in the middle of telling a story to some friends. I can’t help but wonder how they kept powering through after realizing they were tired of talking and still had a long way to go to wrap up their story. What a nightmare!

13. During a VERY Difficult Family Event

There is nothing quite as difficult as holding it together at the funeral of a loved one.

For this Reddit user, keeping a brave face during their brother’s funeral was only made more difficult by the expectation of being hugged by everyone in attendance. By the time the social aspect of the funeral was all said and done, they were ready to find a seat and spend a few quiet minutes alone. Funerals are already so hard, it must be even harder when you’re the type to get worn down by a lot of socializing.

14. During Freshman Orientation

This introverted upperclassman had no clue what they were getting themself into when they volunteered as a leader at a week-long, freshman orientation.

When Wednesday rolled around, castor2015 felt desperate to recharge with some alone time but had to keep powering through to the end of the week. The real reason they unexpectedly found themself with a low social battery? No one had explained that in addition to leading orientation, they were expected to be involved in all of the after-hours activities planned for leaders.

15. Mid-Party

Ever find yourself suddenly SO over whatever social commitment you’re a part of?

The loud music, crowded rooms, and non-stop conversation of a party can really wear a person out after awhile. When you’re naturally introverted, you might find yourself totally out of social energy long before the party wraps up. Here’s a little secret I want to let you in on: you only have to stay as a long as you want and you don’t need an excuse to leave!

16. “My Early 20s”

No one Reddit post quite hits the nail on the head like this poster’s claim they’re going on a decade with a low social battery.

With the demands of college and then trying to make it work in a new career, the social demands of being a young adult can feel so very exhausting. So, when BelznickelIsNigh claimed to be without a full social battery and still in search of their “charger,” Reddit user around the world chimed in with “same!”

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Have you ever found yourself totally burnt out in the middle of a social interaction?