18 Hilarious Bachelorette Party Fails

July 02, 2019

When my bridal party was arranging my bachelorette party, I made one thing very clear — no male anatomy. But I’m in the minority here. Even though there are plenty of people who like to celebrate with penis pasta and lewd drinks, I really just wanted to gather with some of my closest friends and get a little tipsy.

Thankfully, they obliged and my bachelorette party was pretty much flawless. We had fun, we watched karaoke performances, and then we all woke up with mild hangovers the next day.

But standard bachelorette parties tend to get a lot more wild. Sometimes the bride wants to have a lot of input, since hopefully, this will be the last party during which she gets to celebrate her singlehood.

But for better or worse, sometimes bachelorette parties get a little out of hand — especially if there’s enough alcohol and peer pressure involved.

But not all bachelorette parties intend to be scandalous. Even though some women are all about hiring a stripper and seeing what happens from there, usually those stories are few and far between. Mostly because it just doesn’t feel right, as you’re not really a “bachelorette,” but a woman in a serious relationship.

These funny stories are enough to make any groom certain that nobody can really predict what’ll go down at a bachelorette party. Here are some of the funniest, most cringeworthy bachelorette party stories out there.

1. The Truck

“At one of my best friend’s bachelorette party, we had the ‘great’ idea to go find her fiance and his friends at the bachelor party, which was at a strip club not far away. Her fiance was driven there by his friend who was playing DD [Designated Driver] and his friend had a very distinctive large white truck with a sticker (parking pass) from his work in the lower passenger corner of the windshield.”

“We decide to not actually go into the strip club.”

“Instead, the buddy’s truck was parked outside so we decide to decorate it. We procured some dry erase markers and we already had glow stick penises from the bachelorette party and we proceeded to deck out his truck with crazy drawings on all the windows, lipstick kisses on the doors, glowing penises everywhere you could hang them, etc.”

And then they realized their friend wasn’t the only one with a white truck.

“As we were just finishing, the lights flash on the truck since someone had pressed the key fob and this guy comes up yelling at us. It was NOT the fiance’s friend. This guy was PISSED.”

They tried to save face.

“We tried to explain, and the bride-to-be was apologizing in her ‘bride to be’ crown and we were begging him not to call the cops because it would all come off. We would do nothing to actually hurt the truck.”

The man was NOT happy.

“Anyway, the guy left pissed off and we went home for the night. Turns out that the groom-to-be had gotten really drunk, really quickly, and went home early. This guy had nothing to do with the bachelor party but did work with the designated driver. It was a large company so he didn’t really know the friend whose truck we thought it was.”

Luckily, it all worked out.

“On the next Monday though, the guy whose truck we decorated went to the designated driver’s office and told him the story. They laughed about it because they really do have the same truck with the same sticker and they are now friends.”

This bachelorette fail is one for the books.

Even though Redditor CharistineE’s heart was in the right place, this sounds like something that could have happened on a sitcom. At least the owner of the wrong truck understood the mistake and thought it was funny — especially since all of the ~ memorabilia ~ was easily removable. The lesson here is probably to just avoid playing pranks. They might just backfire.

2. The Bad Cat

If the party has rowdy favors, you’ll want to make sure they’re all in a safe place. Otherwise someone – a furry someone – might use it as a chew toy.

This cat is definitely blissfully unaware of the context surrounding the toy in question.

But it’s probably a hilariously awkward thing for guests to see when they stop by. If you’re planning a bachelorette party and are thinking about adding gift bags to the mix, maybe try to find fun items that won’t attract children or pets.

3. Mom Interferes

Redditor dinosaurwater went back to their home town for a bachelorette party. While things can get awkward when you go back to your home town, there is no way anyone could see this coming.

“Almost ten years ago, a friend from high school got married in the middle of our senior year of college.”

“Her entire bridal party consisted of high school friends, and as we were attending universities around the country, we came back to our hometown for the bachelorette night.”

So far, pretty standard. But the party location? Not so much.

“Well, none of us actually lived in our hometown, so we threw the party at a friend’s parent\s home – at the home, specifically, of a girl (let’s call her Beth) whose mother was notoriously overly, creepily involved in her daughter’s social life. [The mom] hit on her guy friends, wanted to be BFFs with her girlfriends, wanted to know who had slept with who, etc.”

They thought they were in the clear.

“That said, Beth’s parents had graciously promised that they would be out for the night so that the girls could just have some fun.”

“Now that the scene is set, flash forward to a stripper arriving late into a well-liquored up evening,”

“So ensues a dance show, silly music, a ridiculous g-string, you name it. And in walks Beth’s mom (without Beth’s father), rearing to go and pretending like she was invited all along.”

Oh boy.

“She’s grinding with the stripper and drinking up a storm while the rest of us have lost our buzz and are ready to hang out. The stripper casually informs us that he can do “private lap dances” in an upstairs bedroom for an additional fee, should anyone be interested.”

Any guess as to who was excited by this idea?

“The bridal party takes this as a cue to pack up to get out when Beth’s mom says, ‘You got a taker right here!’ grabs him by the hand and leads him upstairs. They’re gone for about five minutes when we start to hear the moaning and the bed rocking.”

There are just… no words.

Needless to say, we excused ourselves from Beth’s house and went to a bar to finish the night. Beth stayed at home, ostensibly to cheer her mom on. Yikes.

This took a turn from awkwardly funny to pretty cringeworthy.

We’ve all seen the “overly involved mom” before. So watching one of them try to bust in and dance with a stripper is pretty funny and entertaining. But taking it to the next level? No, thanks. At least the party guests were able to continue their night of fun without Beth’s mom lingering around.

4. The Angry Bride

We’ve all heard our fair share of bridezilla stories, but bunnyhawk’s bachelorette party story might top them all.

“Our place of work was pretty respectable.”

“The bride-to-be was a senior member of staff, which made the events of the evening all the more surprising. So she’d been to the hair salon that day, and she was extremely upset about the haircut she’d been given, lamenting that now she was going to look horrible in her wedding photos.”

“Later, when everyone was very drunk, we all left the bar to go to a club.”

“The walking route happened to pass right by the hair salon she’d been to. Next thing I knew, someone had – to my total astonishment – thrown a brick through the window. An alarm was going off and everyone was running in different directions.”

“Being a law-abiding type, I was terrified and dashed into a pub.”

“I hid for quite some time before going home. Very odd evening.”

This is only funny because it’s absolutely ridiculous.

In fact, it almost seems scripted, or at the very least right out of an episode of Bridezillas. It’s upsetting to have your wedding hair ruined, sure, but there are plenty of better options, right? Like, maybe calling them the next day and seeing if they can fix it for free? And not vandalizing property?

5. The Piano Fan

When you are the bride-to-be, you can get away with a few outlandish requests. But this bachelorette took things a little too far.

“We have this piano bar in town called Sing Sings.”

“It’s pretty popular with the bachelorette parties. At one point, the bride-to-be got on the stage and sat on the piano.”

“The players thought it was funny for like, two minutes.”

“The maid of honor tried to pull her off, but she had a freaking death grip on the damn piano. Ten minutes of the patrons and the piano players hollering at her to get her ass off the keys, the cops show up, arrest her and drag her out screaming ‘Just play Billy Joel!'”

Hey, this is what happens when you have a hardcore Billy Joel fan getting married.

Okay, maybe getting on the piano is funny for a picture or two. But this bride was determined to be part of the show. If you have to get escorted out by cops at your own bachelorette party, this is probably one of the tamest and most innocent ways that’ll get you there.

6. The Loud, Unfunny Drunk

Just because you go to an improv show for your bachelorette party doesn’t mean you’re a comedian. Giving suggestions when asked is fine, but that should be the extent of audience participation.

“I went to an improv show with a friend over the summer and we sat behind a bachelorette party.”

“It was an 8pm show that’s supposed to be PG or PG13 at most, and I noticed some kids about 10-11 with their parents in the back. One of the chicks in the bachelorette party was obviously smashed (or completely crazy, or both) and being really obnoxious even before the show started.”

She started yelling out wildly inappropriate suggestions.

“When it did, she wanted to give the most suggestive suggestions, yelling out [female anatomy] (rhymes with notorious) and ‘[other sexual suggestions] repeatedly. The improvisers didn’t take any of her suggestions and started making fun of her craziness. I’m surprised they didn’t say anything about her mispronouncing [female anatomy].”

And she wouldn’t stop.

“When they brought the bride up on stage for an improv structure, the same chick kept yelling and interrupting and trying to be the center of attention.”

This is just embarrassing now.

“At the end of the show, the improvisers stand by the doors to give out fliers and high fives, and the crazy chick ran up to one girl and gave her an awkwardly long hug, telling her how hilarious she was. The girl was freaked out and kept saying “you’re crazy!” over and over. Then the drunk chick told anyone who would listen that she had three kids and ‘can you believe how skinny I am?! I have three kids!!!”‘

7. Cake Fail

This is a cake that may be enjoyed more from afar. Many professional bakers have perfected the, erm, “member” cake at this point, whether they’d like to admit it or not.

They can make each one a work of art.

But much like fine art in a museum, you’ll still want to keep a safe distance. If the chocolate gets on your clothes, everyone at the party will know you got suspiciously close.

8. The Bachelorette That Didn’t Include The Bride

Not every bride-to-be wants to have a ragin’ bachelorette party, and that’s completely okay! But if you act like you want to have one and then change your mind, don’t expect your guests to be pleased with it. One Redditor described an awful bachelorette party she had the misfortune of attending.

“It’s funny because my best and worst [bachelorette party] were the same one.”

“The bride to be was kinda boring and was being a [jerk] made snide comments before literally rolling over and going to sleep when we were trying to do fun things for her. So a handful of us went out drinking and met a lot of interesting characters through the night. The first half was the worst, second half was the best.”

Maybe she just didn’t really want a party to begin with.

It’s kind of rude to be mean to your friends for just wanting to celebrate you and have a nice time out. Good thing those buddies thought it was kind of funny. They saved the party by doing their own thing and had an adventure that the bride completely missed out on. Too bad for her!

9. The E.R. Visit

Nothing says a “good time” like a trip to the doctor’s office.

Honestly, it looks like this friend at least saw the humor in everything.

They posted the X-ray on Twitter, after all. If you’re going to get injured, you might as well have a fun story behind why you’re suddenly wearing a cast. Maybe next time leave the stripper poles to the professionals.

10. The Joint Party

“My friend refused to go to strippers,and instead partied with his fiance (joint bachelor/bachelorette party). She is tiny compared to him, and she drank him under the table. Embarrassing for him, hilarious for us,” said one Redditor.

This is a bit different from the standard “fail.” But it’s still hilariously adorable.

This couple will probably stay together for quite some time since they realize that, tradition aside, they have the most fun with each other. Even if the groom happened to be embarrassed about getting drunk way sooner than his petite bride. Hey, everyone has a different tolerance to alcohol and at least everyone still had fun.

11. The Early Morning Taxi Fail

It’s hard to remember, but there was a time when we couldn’t simply order a Lyft or Uber to get home at any hour of the night. You had to hail down taxis – and sometimes things could get… awkward.

“My friend’s wife was having her bachelorette party on Hollywood Boulevard.”

They partied all night, but someone left them and they didn’t have a ride and couldn’t find a taxi since it was so late (it was about 3am). My ex-girlfriend was with them and very intoxicated.”

“So, she stood on the curb of Hollywood Boulevard.”

“She tried hailing down cars to give them a ride to the hotel. The girls had to pull her off the curb just as the cops came by to explain why a good looking blonde girl in high heels and a mini skirt shouldn’t be trying to flag down cars at 3am on Hollywood Boulevard.”

At 3 a.m., sometimes you just forget that people can see you.

It’s probably not the best idea to get a ride from a random stranger, especially at that time of night, but it’s a good thing that a cop spotted them and made sure they were safe. This is a definite fail, but it’s also pretty funny when you realize how suspicious this group of ladies actually looked.

12. The Solo Dance

Word to the wise: Spontaneous choreography can get you the bad type of attention. “The groom’s sister took her high heels off, put pumps on and did a choreographed routine in the middle of the dance floor. The bride still cringes at it on a daily basis,” said one Redditor.

If you’re a serious dancer, maybe talk to the bride beforehand if this is a move you want to pull.

Otherwise, people may just think you’re really just starved for attention and want to make the party about yourself. Looking back, it’s really hard not to laugh at something like this at least.

13. The Ungraceful Pole Dancer

Some brides aren’t about partying – they are about creating an experience. This particular bride decided to take a sultry dance class with her friends.

“We took pole dancing lessons. I am not graceful.”

“When we did the first simple move of just holding onto the pole and swinging around it with one hand I banged my knee so bad that I had a bruise that extended all the way up my thigh. I was not a very good student in this case.”

“Later the instructor wanted me to try and hang upside down.”

“I thought she was crazy and told her that I would end up with a concussion or breaking my neck and I didn’t want anyone to have to explain to my parents how I’d managed to do that.”

Hey, some people just aren’t meant to dance.

Even though pole dancing seems like a fun group activity, it requires both skill and grace. Even the simplest maneuvers are tough for a lot of women to truly understand. This may be a fail, but at least she knew her limits and wasn’t pressured to pull any of the harder moves.

14. The Groom Tattoo

This one is way more funny than fail, but when you get tattoos of a groom’s face, bad things are bound to happen.

Can you just imagine if the bride covered herself in these before coming home to her unsuspecting groom?

Hopefully he gave the okay before having his face plastered all over everyone’s bodies.

15. He Gave Love A Bad Name

Male strippers usually don’t take it all off. Usually. But sometimes, they take things a little too far.

“My friend lined up a Czech male stripper for my bachelorette party.”

“He barely spoke English, came down the stairs of my house dressed as a cowboy, got fully nude (awkward), and only danced to Bon Jovi songs.”

“I was laughing so hard, I was crying.”

“But he remained super serious the whole time and kept trying to get us to touch him. To top it off, the bachelorette party included members of my fiancé’s family who I had not met before this occasion, including my conservative sister in law and strict Mormon aunt. It was so bad.”

This must have been a pretty awkward introduction to new family members.

But that should be an overall rule. You should probably meet relatives before the bridal shower, or at the wedding itself. Inviting them to drink and get crazy with you is probably going to leave the kind of lasting impression you don’t necessarily want.

16. A Very Strange Birthday

“Maybe not the worst but my own bachelorette was very very mild. I was 38 weeks pregnant, swollen, uncomfortable and ready to have my baby,” starts one Redditor.

“No it’s not what you think.”

“My MOH organized dinner at a hibachi restaurant at 4:30 pm, and all the servers thought it was my birthday. Decorated with my penis necklace and various other paraphernalia (whilst among the early bird crowd) I had about 15 servers sing me happy birthday. Later in the evening we went to painting with a twist and all our paintings turned out looking like a clown sharted all over some canvas.”

It’s almost like celebrating three events at once.

Most bachelorettes aren’t super pregnant during the event, but the fact that the type of event was misconstrued to such a level is just hilarious. The mental image of all of the bachelorette gear makes for a memorable party. Perhaps they were singing happy birthday to the baby who’d be showing up soon?

17. The Runner Bride

“I have a friend who went to a bachelorette party where the bride had decided that everyone would run a marathon with her. And not in a ‘do your best’ kind of way. They were all expected to run together and finish holding hands.”

What was this bride-to-be seriously thinking?

Just imagining everyone at the race holding hands together is funny, especially since we all run at different paces. This had to be for Instagram, right? Because, the only way I could see this being a popular bachelorette game is if it’s meant to go viral, especially among runners’ clubs.

18. The Babysitters’ Club

Sometimes things happen, but bringing your kid to a party just seems like a bad idea – especially a bachelorette party. One Redditor had a very awkward experience.

“A friend I met when I was still going to church had at least one of the oddest bachelorette parties I ever attended.”

“She’s allergic to alcohol, so it was dry. It was also just at her house and there was only one planned game which I believe was just the guests filling out “quizzes” about the bride-to-be’s life. Her maid of honor had to bring her baby for some reason, who fell asleep at like 8 and after that we all had to be real quiet.”

They did get into some mischief, though.

“The racy thing we did was watch Isabella Rossellini‘ film [an artsy film about animals] and Bitchin’ Kitchen on YouTube, which many of the guests called Witchin’ Kitchen because church girls didn’t want to say the B word.This bachelorette party was definitely a lot calmer and definitely soberer than some of the rest, but it’s still a funny little disaster. Being quiet at 8 p.m. for the sake of a child doesn’t just scream “wedding” to me. At least there were YouTube videos and no crazy outbursts!”

Have you experienced a bachelorette party fail as wild as these?