Men Reveal The Features They’re Attracted To That Some Women Are Self-Conscious Of

June 17, 2019

No matter how confident a person is, chances are they have at least a few features on their body that they’re just not that thrilled about. It’s just part of being human! Maybe there’s something about your appearance that you’ll just never be able to change without plastic surgery and a good doctor, or maybe it’s something that you could change if you tried, you just… haven’t. Whatever the case, these small (or sometimes big) insecurities can really mess with your self-confidence, and that’s a feeling that no one enjoys.

So, once in a while, it’s nice to be reminded that sometimes the features that you dislike about yourself are the very same things that someone else actually likes, or may even be attracted to! Does the fact that a guy happens to like certain features of yours mean that you now have to like it, too? No, of course not. It just serves as a reminder that sometimes our biggest insecurities aren’t as evident to others as they are to ourselves.

Some people took to Reddit to reveal the physical qualities that they like most about their partners that their partners, in turn, aren’t so sure about.

1. Their “imperfect” nose

If you feel self-conscious about the size or shape of your nose because it doesn’t match society’s standard of the “perfect” nose, don’t.

There are probably plenty of people who find it to be a totally adorable feature. User WakaTXranger said, “I like ‘imperfect’ noses. I like them a lot better than the cookie-cutter nose-job look.” User GalacticVaquero added, “I like strong noses on girls, like Roman or Greek noses. Several girls I’ve dated with them don’t like them, but it adds such a regal profile.”

2. Their crooked teeth

A lot of people strive for teeth that are perfectly white and straight to give them the best Hollywood smile possible.

Sure, you could spring for veneers, teeth whitening, and lots of dental surgery… or you could enjoy having a different kind of smile. User ratlady97 said, “My girlfriend has a little crooked tooth that she absolutely hates but I find adorable.” It adds character!

3. Their chubby cheeks

Chubby cheeks definitely aren’t just for babies — this is a feature you find on adults all the time, too!

No matter how concerned you feel about your less-than-defined cheekbones, know that there is someone out there who thinks that they’re really adorable. User GSV-Kakistocrat said, “Big cheeks! Love girls with chubby cheeks — can’t really think of any famous examples, maybe Ellie Kemper?”

4. The dark circles under their eyes

Think about just how many beauty products out there aim to eliminate the dark circles under your eyes.

Now think about this: plenty of people actually find them super attractive! User Bunnyhat revealed that they like the “dark area underneath the eyes [that looks] like they haven’t slept well, but actually [it’s] just there all the time.” When someone asked why, they added, “I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly. Someone reminded me of Lizzy Caplan, who was in Freaks and Geeks, who had it as well. If I had to say, thinking about, it makes the woman [seem] a little more approachable…which makes them seem easier to…talk to.”

5. The skin fold above their lip

There are some features that we hate that hardly anyone else notices, even if we don’t realize it.

Sometimes, though, we point them out so much that we bring attention to them — and maybe in a good way? User SirKoiv explained: “My ex girlfriend’s skin folded up above her lip when she smiled. She found it incredibly embarrassing and tried to hide it most of he time. It was super cute and the (very minimal) fold made it so much more magical when she openly smiled.”

6. Their laughing face

Everyone has a unique laughing face that comes out when they’re in the midst of a true, genuine laugh.

If you’ve ever been caught mid-photograph or in the mirror with that laughing face, you might feel embarrassed by it, but know that it’s probably something someone else adores. User serbeardless said of their partner that they love “their dorky laughing face.” Lots of other users agreed, with user enjoytheshow adding: “My wife has the ugliest sounding snort laugh and I love it.”

7. Someone who is really tall

Many women have been taught from a young age that they should be more petite, and that being tall is more attractive for guys.

And while being a very tall woman might not seem to be the norm, that definitely doesn’t mean the height isn’t appreciated by many. User deputytech said, “I like abnormally tall women, like Amazonian volleyball player tall.” User RubyKadokie added, “Honestly, same, there is something in that height that is just, ugh, BEAUTIFUL.”

8. Their stretch marks

Concerned about the stretch marks on your butt, thighs, or belly (or all three)? Don’t worry.

There are plenty of people out there who find you attractive whether they exist or not. User bucky___lastard is one example. He said he loves them: “Stretch Marks… My wife has had two kids. She has some faint stretch marks on her stomach. Then she started working out to get a bigger rump and in turn, she gained some stretch marks on her thighs and [butt], and she absolutely hates them. I think they are sexy as hell.”

9. The gap in their teeth

Again, “perfect” smiles are not always what someone else is attracted to in a partner.

User itssusanity said they love “Gap teeth. Oh, MAN, am I weak for gap teeth. They give faces such a unique charm, and I’m absolutely obsessed with them. I will melt into a puddle on the floor if a cute person with soft lips and a gap tooth smiles at me. That, or sharp canines…I love unusual teeth.”

10. A little bit of chub

Abs of steel aren’t for everyone… and some people are totally fine with that.

You might feel weird about having a soft tummy, but there are lots of people out there who don’t mind this feature at all. User herwolfy explained: “A chubby stomach, they’re so soft and amazing to squeeze.” User ChaplnGrillSgt added, “Love handles! Love em! Perfect place for my hands in all situations and love the way they feel.”

11. Their body hair

Not everyone is a fan of the completely shaved look.

So, if you didn’t have time to get all of the hair off your body, don’t stress (seriously, it’s a huge ask anyway). One user said, “I’m a dude who likes hair on a woman. Don’t feel like shaving your legs? I don’t blame you. Don’t feel like shaving your pits? Who does? Be hairy. I don’t mind.”

12. The crease between their butt and leg

When inspecting your body in the mirror, it’s easy to pick out small things that feel like flaws to you.

But if you hate the fold between your leg and butt cheek, read on! User slashusername said they love “the crease that separates the butt cheek from the leg. My wife says if you can hold a pencil there without your hands, you fail. I could not disagree more. Thank god my wife fails that test.” User N0mad87 added, “This is by far, the greatest part of the female anatomy!”

13. Their glasses

Wearing glasses has come a long way — they are much “cooler” and seen as being more attractive than they used to be.

Still, some women feel self-conscious about how they look in them. But user GauntletsofRai said, “Something very deeply psychological draws me to women with glasses. Luckily my gf is deathly afraid of wearing contact lenses.” User StormbreakerWielder6 added, “Glasses look sexy, but only when they aren’t super thin. I like thick glasses with a prescription that makes the eyes a little larger.”

14. They have lots of muscles

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that females shouldn’t have strongly defined muscles!

Not only is this an awesome look in general, but some dudes really dig it. One user said he’s into a “strong jaw, and also well-defined muscles. I am always baffled when I hear women put down [other] women for being ‘mannish’ when they can see a tricep. I don’t know, maybe it is just me, but I’m into it.”

15. Their freckles

There is absolutely no need to cover up your freckles with makeup.

Not only because they are a truly great thing about you, but because there are plenty of people who totally love them. User Apatschinn said, “Honestly, freckles. I cant tell you how many women I’ve met who dislike those freckles under their eyes. I think they’re brilliant.” User Nicarus93 added, “This, yes! My girlfriend has the cutest freckles, but she covers them up. Makes me sad.”

16. They have bigger thighs

Thigh gaps be damned.

Thigh gaps are fine if you happen to have them, but they also aren’t necessary to be considered beautiful. In fact, there are plenty of people out there who appreciate bigger thighs — a lot. User TrustMeIAmAGeologist is one example: “[Big] thighs. A woman with [big] thighs looks amazing, and they’re all like ‘thigh gap!’ I want thighs with a little thunder.”