The Best Color To Paint Your Bedroom, According To Your Zodiac Sign

April 19, 2019

Committing to a bedroom color is no easy task. After all, your bedroom is a sacred space — and even if you live with the best roommates, this still holds true. Your bedroom is a sanctuary, a place to unwind after a long day of work, catch much-needed z’s, and share intimate moments.

So how do you decide which color to paint your bedroom? Should your bedroom be a calming and cool shade of blue, or a robust and energizing orange rust? We looked to several sources, including the stars, to see what color fits best for each zodiac sign.

Of course, as any astrology buff knows, it’s not just your sun sign that plays into your personality. You have to consider your whole chart, along with personal preferences, to find the ideal color for your space.

In order to find the perfect bedroom color for each zodiac sign, we turned to Sherwin-Williams’ ColorSnap ID quiz. While this quiz doesn’t ask your sign, it does delve into design and energy preferences, which is just as important to consider. After answering a handful of questions, ColorSnap ID provided us with our own personal color palette and style.

Once you take the quiz and find out if you’re a naturalist, dreamer, or anything in between, see if your personal style matches up with your astrological style. When you have narrowed your paint choices down, head to your local Sherwin-Williams store to have your paint custom mixed.

Aries: Sand Dune

As the infant of the zodiac, you sure do love to be bold and outspoken. Your tastes tend to be just as loud, with bright colors and intense energy.

This warm neutral shade, Sand Dune, brings out your fiery side, but is still muted enough to not send your brain into overdrive every time you try to go to sleep.

Other color families to explore for the home: robust reds, mustard yellow, and other fiery colors.

Colors to avoid: pure black and whites, soft pinks.

Taurus: Julep

As an Earth sign, you take pleasure in creature comforts. Luxury might as well be your middle name, Taurus, and to reflect that abundance, try out a lush-but-subdued shade of green, like Julep.

Other color families to explore for the home: soft mauves and pinks, forest green, and pastels.

Colors to avoid: over-saturated reds and purples.

Gemini: Banana Cream

The Twins get a notoriously bad rap, but anyone close to you knows that you’re soft and vulnerable at your core. Bring out the trademark Gemini charm and optimism with Banana Cream.

Other color families to explore for the home: light greens and soft pinks.

Colors to avoid: over-powering oranges, brown neutrals.

Cancer: Sensitive Tint

We swear we didn’t pick this one out for the name only, sweet Crab. As a Cancer, you often need to recharge after large social outings or events, which is why it is so important that your room is a color that allows that rest.

Retreat and recharge in a space that is soft and welcoming. Keep textures soft and plush to add to the healing ambiance.

Other color families to explore for the home: sophisticated silvers and grays, sea foam green.

Colors to avoid: burgundy and deep, dark purples.

Leo: Purple Passage

Dramatic, scene-stealing Leo: you know that fortune favors the brave, which is why a daring and regal hue like Purple Passage is perfect for you.

This shade of purple is still vibrant enough for fiery Leo, but it is not too overpowering for a restful area like a bedroom.

Other color families to explore for the home: golds and fiery tones, shades of purple.

Colors to avoid: blue and pink pastels, stark whites.

Virgo: Zircon

This Earth sign tends to be analytical, meticulous, and something of a perfectionist. You love a good routine and set of order, dear Virgo, which is why a sophisticated shade like Zircon would be great for your bedroom.

Other color families to explore for the home: natural greens, grays, and lighter blues

Colors to avoid: neons, bright reds, and oranges.

Libra: Rosebud

Libra is nothing if not a social butterfly. Ruled by Venus, this Air sign loves anything that is luxurious and beautiful. Keep your bedroom sophisticated but welcoming with Rosebud.

Other color families to explore for the home: mauves, light blues.

Colors to avoid: neons, loud greens.

Scorpio: Rockwood Dark Red

We know, Scorpios are often written off as intense and dramatic, but we say own it. Dive deep into your intense watery vibes in your room with Rockwood Dark Red. If it feels like too much, you can always use it as an accent wall.

Other color families to explore for the home: deep violets, oranges, and blacks.

Colors to avoid: pastel pinks and whites.

Sagittarius: Cavern Clay

Even though the Archer is a Fire sign, Sags are truly people of the Earth. You love to travel and explore, and your bedroom color should reflect that wanderlust without being too overstimulating. Sherwin-Williams named Cavern Clay its 2019 Color of the Year, and a true Sag can appreciate why.

Other color families to explore for the home: warm reds and browns, cornflower blue.

Colors to avoid: intense greens, pastel pinks.

Capricorn: Moonmist

How many times have people called you “no-nonsense,” dear Sea Goat? You may not hate the moniker, but it can get tedious being prescribed “no-nonsense” colors without personality to match your zodiac sign — but we’ve got you covered.

Since you are a task and goal-oriented person, you tend to create long to-do lists — and you intend to complete them. Your room needs to be a calming color, like the dreamy Moonmist, so you can recharge and continue to conquer the world day after day.

Other color families to explore for the home: subdued greens, browns, and blues.

Colors to avoid: neon hues, yellows.

Aquarius: Ash Violet

Is there any esoteric subject you haven’t spent hours exploring? You are an intellectual and a trail-blazer, but you’re also not a showy person.

This is why Ash Violet is the perfect Aquarius shade. It is has a touch of color to appeal to your worldly view, but it also allows you to decorate your space with bright, eccentric pieces — your favorite.

Other color families to explore for the home: dreamy and futuristic blues, and stunning silvers.

Colors to avoid: black, bright and overpowering oranges.

Pisces: Reflecting Pool 

Is there any sign dreamier than you, Pisces? Turn your bedroom into a fantasy oasis with HGTV Home’s 2019 color of the year, Reflecting Pool. This beachy hue is ideal for any water sign looking to retreat into daydreams before drifting off to sleep.

Other color families to explore for the home: greens and blues, soft shades of lavender.

Colors to avoid: red, navy blue, bright yellow.

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