Parents Are Posting Photos Of Their Babies In Helmets To Make Chrissy Teigen’s Son Feel Less Alone

December 04, 2018

Chrissy Teigen is a personal hero of mine — she’s hilarious, loves to eat, and is super real about her life. What’s not to love? Her Twitter feed is always filled with funny, relatable moments, memes, and witty comebacks. But yesterday, she posted about her son Miles and his new head-shaping helmet.

We’re obsessed with all the adorable pictures of her kids, Luna and Miles, but when she posted the picture of Miles with his helmet, we just couldn’t take the cuteness. She posted photos on Instagram and Twitter, but moms everywhere began replying to Teigen’s tweet with photos of their own babies in helmets.

Parents sent encouraging messages and support for Teigen and Miles. Some babies even had decorated helmets to make wearing them more fun.

Many of the pictures explain the reason for the helmets: flat heads, craniosynostosis (which has to do with skull growth), or just a little misshapen noggin. Teigen, of course, had to clarify some things to her followers criticizing and questioning her decision to get Miles a helmet.

She confirmed that Miles is seeing a physiotherapist and that the family has been doing muscle work, too. Teigen also acknowledged that her followers don’t know the whole story. And in typical Teigen fashion, she joked that it’s unfortunately too late for her own head.

As if our baby fever wasn’t already high right now, all of these pictures definitely sealed the deal. And we absolutely agree with Teigen — Miles is still cute, if not cuter, with his little helmet!