“Milk Bottle Nails” Are A New Nail Trend That Has Us Feeling Grossed Out

November 15, 2018

Every now and again, a beauty trend comes around that makes us go, Why? Like honestly, why? This “milk bottle nails” trend is doing just that. Created by a nail artist at Moscow-based nail salon Nail Sunny, these nails are sending us spiraling.

The way one approaches creating these nails, which resemble mini baby bottles, is by gluing two false acrylic nails on one finger, with one attached at about a 45-degree angle. The sides of both acrylic nails are then sealed with more gel and a mysterious white liquid (that we’re hoping isn’t real milk, but who really knows) is injected into the compartment one just created.

Then, it looks as if the nail tech cut the rubber ends off of several droppers to use as the baby bottle nipple. She then slipped the mini nipple over the nail and finished the entire look with a blue horizontal stripe.

Listen, if that all sounds wrong and weird to you, join the club. And honestly, it’s not going to make much more sense once you watch the actual milk bottle nail tutorial.

Nail Sunny uploaded this milk bottle nail video on November 12th. In just three days, it’s garnered over 580,000 views and has gone viral on other social media platforms.

The pinprick to release the “milk” at the end really makes us angry.

This isn’t the first time Nail Sunny has gone off the deep end with their nail designs. Last week, they had the audacity to post this video showing off their cheese grater nails paired with a caption that reads, “Yes or no ? ?”

No, Nail Sunny! No!

And this glow-in-the-dark lamp and outlet design is absolutely nuts.

It’s all too much for our little hearts to take.

Obviously, these milk bottle nails aren’t meant to be practical and were done just for the shock and awe. However, who would even think to do this? Who is the evil genius behind this design? Come forward before we get the feds involved.