This Is Rihanna’s Secret Hack For Applying Liquid Lipstick

November 14, 2018

There aren’t too many celebrities that we bow down to, but Rihanna is one of them. Throughout the years, Rihanna has proved she’s extraordinarily talented in pretty much everything. Acting, singing, and owning a business is just the start of it. She’s also pretty great with the art of makeup.

While a ton of makeup artists have been copying Rihanna’s looks for some time, the best person to learn from is Rihanna herself. Thankfully, she’s put together a set of tutorials called Tutorial Tuesday, so that you can hit the town looking your best. All of her tips thus far have been winners, but her hack for applying liquid lipstick is key. Reason being, things can go wrong pretty quickly with liquid-based makeup.

For all products involving your lips, she feels it’s best to start applying right in the middle. That’s because, according to the singer, there’s a “certain height to the top of your lip that you always want to be even.” She’s not wrong. This method also prevents overlining in order to try to even things out. (Been there, done that.)

Her lips look perfect in the tutorial. And as a bonus, you can also see her put on some blue eyeshadow, all from her line.

The singer admitted that she’s a little Type A about her lips, just like she is with her brows. She also noted how many liquid products she’s had to use throughout the years. And it’s true — just imagine every red carpet, music video, and film shoot. Girl knows her makeup. She made a point in stating that her products will always have a little bit of sheen, and not dry out like standard liquid lipsticks. Not like she needed another reason to get us all to buy Fenty.

Hopefully, Rihanna keeps up with these Tutorial Tuesdays. The world needs to know all of her beauty secrets.