This Is The Hair Color Trend You Should Try Next, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

November 01, 2018

When life feels stale and you want to shake it up, one of the first things you think of is probably your hair. Should I get bangs? Ooh! How about layers? Or, maybe a new hair color will do the trick? When you ask yourself the latter, it’s often followed by another question: But what color should I dye it? If you’re currently in this predicament, have no fear — your zodiac sign is here!

Zodiac signs are great for those moments when we want to learn more about ourselves and our behaviors. They are seriously helpful tools that can support us as we better understand our souls. However, they can also be used for fun purposes, giving you inspiration when you’re deciding what to wear, how to approach your relationship, and so much more. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to astrology, so why not take a peek at the perfect hair color for your zodiac sign?

Hidden Rainbow

Sign: Aquarius

You don’t follow trends — you start them. So when you first saw the rainbow hair trend sweeping the Instagram nation, you thought to yourself, “How can I make that my own?” The answer lies in hidden rainbow hair, which also showcases your eccentric personality.


Sign: Pisces

When we think of Pisces, we picture a rainbow of color and imagination. Your sign is truly an artistic one, which is why we imagine you rocking tie-dye hair like you were born with it. Plus, when you need to escape reality, your hair can inspire you on your journey.

Red Velvet

Sign: Aries

To capture the fire that lives within an Aries’ soul, we went with a deep red hair trend that can set the world ablaze. It conveys that you’re strong and confident, that you belong at the helm of a ship. People will know who’s boss with this hair color.


Sign: Taurus

When you make the decision to do something to your hair, you always go all in. That’s why we selected the opal hair trend for you, since it’s both luxurious and romanic. We can easily see a heroine rocking this look while saving the world.

Toasted Coconut

Sign: Gemini

You may have trouble deciding what color to dye your hair because, though you’re curious and adaptable, you also have trouble making decisions. That’s why we settled on a hair color that’s the best of multiple worlds — brown, blonde, silver. Why choose?


Sign: Cancer

As a water sign whose emotions can feel like waves crashing on the shore, we found you a hair color that encapsulates the ocean. We also like that the color blue symbolizes sensitivity, which is a realm you know all too well.

Neon Green

Sign: Leo

If there’s anyone out there who can rock neon green hair, it’s you, Leo. You have the confidence to back it up, letting everyone know that you were meant to be a star on stage. Now flip your mane and get ready for the spotlight!


Sign: Virgo

Since you’re a cautious sign who doesn’t make snap decisions, we can’t picture you with a crazy color. Instead, we envision you with something a bit more subtle, something like rose-gold. It’s still trendy, but won’t make you stand out like a sore thumb.

Pastel Pink

Sign: Libra

As a sign who prefers softness and peace, we couldn’t see you donning a color other than pink. It also appeals to your romantic side, which values the finer things in life. Just make sure you don’t go with anything too intense (hence the pastel pink).

Oil Slick

Sign: Scorpio

You thought we were going to recommend jet-black, didn’t you? Well, we wanted to go with something more mysterious — like you! We decided on oil slick hair because it may look black at first, but as you get closer, you can see all the colors within.


Sign: Sagittarius

Since we know you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to be tied down, we didn’t want to give you a hair color that would require a ton of upkeep. However, we still want to capture your fiery personality. Hence, the blorange trend, which is a light orange mixture that will fade beautifully.

Cider And Spice

Sign: Capricorn

You are no-nonsense, and your friends rely on your to be the practical voice of reason in their heads. When presented with all the hair trends out there, you see them as just trends and are more likely to go with something reasonable like the cider and spice coloring.