The Secret To Perfect Hair Is This One Ingredient

October 10, 2018

Okay, I’ll fess up — I am not a natural blonde. In fact, I probably couldn’t tell you what my “natural” hair color is without launching an extensive forensic investigation. After more than a decade of various Sun-In sprays, box dyes, perm treatments, Brazilian blowouts, and a new hair color for every heartbreak throughout my college and high school career (there were many), it’s safe to say my mane has had more issues than Vogue. I did some soul searching, and vowed to reform my bad hair habits in an effort to transform my tresses back to a healthier state.

These days, bleach is my only vice and I’m much more selective about how I use it on my hair. I found an amazing stylist, whom I trust not only with my life, but more importantly, with my hair. Between work drama, romantic entanglements, and friendship woes, she somehow manages to find a delicate balance between alchemist and therapist. Years ago, when I first started seeing her, she recommended that I stop using heat on my hair. For any hair type, heat can be exceptionally damaging — but especially for chemically treated hair, it can create a deadly combo of breakage and brittleness. As someone who’d always lived and died by her flat iron, I was bummed, but learned to embrace my hair’s natural wavy texture.


Still, there are often times when I long for the days of smooth, sleek strands. During my last visit with my hair stylist, I complained to her about my styling problems. It was getting seriously boring never being able to use heat to switch up a look, and I felt like I never looked as polished or chic as I would like to. As always, she came to my hair’s rescue with the perfect beauty hack: a flat iron that not only wouldn’t damage my hair, but would actually infuse it with moisturizing vapors while styling. It sounded too good to be true, but she explained to me that the secret here was an Agave Oil infusion that would condition, protect, and strengthen my hair while I styled it.

With her blessing, I ran home to do more research on the Agave Oil Healing Vapor Iron.

Agave Oil

Since I already love tequila, the agave plant’s most notorious byproduct, it wasn’t hard for me to believe that agave has long been an ancient beauty secret. It wasn’t just an old wives’ tale either; experts say that this desert plant truly has healing powers. As I researched Agave Oil’s website, I learned that agave’s amino sugars lock moisture inside the hair, restoring and maintaining moisture balance. Amino sugars actually form complex bonds with internal proteins in the hair to add strength, resiliency, and elasticity. What impressed me even more was learning that their formula included other nutrient-dense natural ingredients that I already love, such as coconut and sunflower seed oil.

Better yet, the very styling product that I’d been so afraid of for years turned out to actually be the perfect delivery method for getting the agave amino sugars to deeply penetrate the strands of my hair. Needless to say, I practically threw my money at the computer screen ($149 of it, to be precise), and couldn’t wait for my order to arrive.

The moment it did, I dropped everything to go try it out. The package came with a flat iron that had a compartment for the vapor, the agave vapor infusion, and an extra cartridge for the vapor. The cartridge was super easy to fill, and the seal seemed pretty tight, so leakage wouldn’t be an issue. I was slightly worried that the vapor infusion might be too thick or oily, but it was the lightest, most heavenly-scented formula that didn’t weigh down my hair at all.

With each pass of the straightener, my hair was perfumed, smoothed, and shined by the vapors. What I also like is that you’re able to style your hair with the iron, making it as wavy or curly as you want. (I gave myself waves for date night with my S.O. and seriously loved the look!)


The most surprising and delightful part was how much faster the Healing Vapor Iron straightened my hair compared to a regular flat iron.


It worked almost like a steamer does on wrinkled clothing. Instead of the usual three or four times I’d have to go over the same strand, the Healing Vapor Iron was able to achieve perfectly straight hair in a single stroke. It also passed through my hair much more smoothly and left none of those awkward creases or dents we all hate from flat irons. I love that I never smelled the nasty fumes of burning hair and that my tresses were left oh-so-soft and silky. Other flat irons often leave my hair feeling like straw, but this magical tool made it feel even healthier than my hair was before straightening.

For the rest of the evening, I was receiving compliments left and right. Everyone from my older sister to my boyfriend (yes, even my partner noticed how amazing this product works) told me how shiny and glamorous my hair looked. The true test was the next day at work. I’d been really seeking to update my ‘do to something more professional and sleek — something that showed I put in effort, but was actually effortless. My boss approached me by the coffee maker first thing in the morning and immediately noticed. “Did you do something new to your hair? It looks great!” Her compliment made my insides do somersaults of glee, and I started singing West Side Story’s “I Feel Pretty” in my head. I played it off cool though and thanked her with a “This old thing?” attitude.

I wasn’t quite ready to share my newfound secret ingredient to perfect hair, wanting to maintain the illusion of being effortlessly chic. I think I’ll save that as my little surprise and wait until she reads this article instead… Shhhh, don’t tell!

What makes this product even more awesome is that 10% of the proceeds go toward aiding Bright Pink, which has a breast cancer awareness mission that is also close to our hearts here at First Media.